Are Wood Pigeons Vermin?

Wood pigeons are agricultural pests due to overpopulation, this means they are officially classed as ‘vermin’. However, there is a long-standing history between man and pigeon which has bought us

Turbit Pigeon: Breed Guide

The Turbit is a breed of fancy pigeon known for its short beak, peaked crest, and frilled breast. It is sometimes known by other names including the Cravate Turbit, the

Do Buzzards Eat Pigeons?

The answer is, ‘Yes they do.’ It seems that buzzards will eat almost anything, including any pigeon that comes along. Buzzards are raptors. They aren’t particularly fussy about where their

Bokhara Trumpeter: Breed Guide

One of the most popular types of trumpeter pigeons, the Bokhara Trumpeter is particularly known for its long muffed feet and fantastic double crest. Origins of the Bokhara Trumpeter The