Do Pigeons Eat Vegetables?

Feral pigeons will eat pretty much anything including vegetables they find among the food discarded by humans and any vegetables accessible to them in the wild. Domestic pigeons will eat

Do Pigeons Eat Ants?

While pigeons are granivorous birds, most types will supplement their diet with insects including ants. Wild Pigeons vs Domesticated Pigeons When discussing what do pigeons eat, it’s important to make

Florentine Pigeon: Breed Guide

The Florentine pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon originally bred for meat now mainly kept for exhibition purposes. Origins of the Florentine Pigeon As the name suggests, the Florentine

Do Pigeons Eat Popcorn?

Pigeons will eat popcorn and it is nutritious, but it should be restricted to specifically plain popcorn. Corn vs Popcorn The question here is do pigeons eat popcorn so it