Florentine Pigeon: Breed Guide

The Florentine pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon originally bred for meat now mainly kept for exhibition purposes. Origins of the Florentine Pigeon As the name suggests, the Florentine

Mookee Pigeon: Breed Guide

The Mookee pigeon is a small to medium-sized breed of fancy pigeon, a result of selective breeding. Whilst it may have a recognizable coloring, there are physical attributes and traits

Do Pigeons Eat Wasps?

Although they might seem an unpalatable meal, pigeons can and do eat wasps. They won’t go out of their way to seek them out but pigeons are opportunistic and unfussy

Do Pigeons Eat Fish?

When you think of birds who eat fish, ospreys, pelicans, gulls and penguins are probably among those that first come to mind. Pigeons are probably not even on your radar,