How To Keep Pigeons Out Of Your Attic

We all know that pigeons are highly intelligent creatures who, unfortunately, receive a lot of unnecessary abuse. However, it’s a different story when it comes to them making a home

What Do Pigeons Do For The Environment?

Many people have a negative view of pigeons, particularly those that dwell in our towns and cities, that it is hard to imagine that this bird has many positive attributes.

Why Is Pigeon Poop White?

Pigeon poop is not white because of the pigeon’s diet but because of the bird’s biology.  Pigeons don’t produce urea as mammals do. Instead, their nitrogen-rich waste is either turned

The Ultimate Guide To Pigeon Farming

Pigeon farming can be highly profitable. A few good breeding pairs can quickly turn into a solid business. In fact just 5 breeding pairs can produce up to 400 pigeons

What Is A Group Of Pigeons Called?

There are a large number of different collective nouns that have been assigned to groups of pigeons over the years. By far most common collective noun used to describe a