Pigeonpedia aims to answer all the questions that anyone has about pigeons, we want to become the go-to Wiki of Pigeon knowledge.

Pigeonpedia was started in January 2020 by Dan, a pigeon aficionado who realized that there were very few dedicated pigeon sites on the internet.

Our content is written by Dan, Denise and Cristina; three people who are passionate about pigeons.

Pigeons are often referred to as ‘rats with wings’ and while they are certainly a very populous bird who, if left unchecked can cause issues, they are loyal, loving and highly intelligent birds that you will not regret getting to know.

domestic pigeon

Whether you just have a passing interest in pigeons or have a pigeon coop stocked with fine racing/carrier pigeons we hope that you find our website answers some of your pigeon-related questions.

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