Pigeon Age Chart: Easily Calculate A Baby Pigeon’s Age

If you’ve ever wondered what a baby pigeon’s development looks like from birth through to becoming fledglings, the chart below shows you exactly how they look during the first 30 days of their lives.

If you’ve found a baby pigeon and have no idea how old it is then you can compare its appearance to the photos in the chart (and video) below to get a rough idea.

1 day1 day old pigeon
2 days2 day old pigeons
3 days3 day old pigeons
4 days4 day old pigeons
5 days5 day old pigeons
6 days6 day old pigeons
7 days7 day old pigeons
8 days8 day old pigeons
9 days9 days old pigeons
10 days10 days old pigeons
11 days11 days old pigeons
12 days12 days old pigeons
13 days13 days old pigeons
14 days14 days old pigeons
15 days15 days old pigeons
16 days16 days old pigeons
17 days17 days old pigeons
18 days18 days old pigeons
19 days19 days old pigeons
20 days20 day old pigeons
21 days21 day old pigeons
22 days22 day old pigeons
23 days23 day old pigeons
24 days24 day old pigeons
25 days25 day old pigeons
26 days26 day old pigeons
27 days27 day old pigeons
28 days28 day old pigeons
29 days29 day old pigeons
30 days30 day old pigeons

Massive thanks to Arif of mumtazticloft.com for allowing us to use these images of his baby Turkish Tumbler pigeons for this chart.

31 day old pigeons

Once pigeons reach 30 days old they are fledglings and are ready to leave the nest.

By this time they look more or less like a fully grown adult pigeon (which is why you never see baby pigeons), the only giveaway of their age is their slightly fluffier, cleaner-looking feathers.

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