Pigeon Velocity Calculator: Work Out Racing Pigeon Speed

Use the calculator below to calculate your racing pigeon’s velocity in yards per minute or miles per hour:

Racing Pigeon Velocity Calculator

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What is Velocity?

Velocity is a measure of speed in a given direction.

Linear velocity (what this calculator measures) is measured by dividing distance by time.

There are other types of velocity such as angular velocity and radial velocity which require slightly different calculations, you can find out more about those on Wikipedia.

Velocity & Racing Pigeons

pigeon velocity calculator

Velocity has been used for centuries in pigeon racing, high velocity pigeons carry a high value.

However, this method doesn’t account for breaks that a pigeon may take during its flight.

In a 600 mile flight, a pigeon is likely to stop several times.

A velocity calculation using their final race time will be inaccurate.

Instead, you should use their actual flying time.

In order to get the accurate flying time you should use a pigeon tracker so that you can see exactly when they stopped and get an accurate velocity calculation based only on the time they were actually flying.

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