Do Pigeons Fart?

do pigeons fart

Pigeons do not fart.

This is because they do not have the stomach bacteria that cause build-ups of gas resulting in a fart.

They also have a very short digestive tract meaning digestion happens quickly so there is little time for food to ferment and form gas.

Anatomically pigeons have everything that is required to produce a fart, they have a stomach and an anus.

Yet because their diet is very different from the diets of humans and other mammals they do not have gas-forming bacteria in their gut to help with digestion.

Another theory as to why pigeons don’t fart is because their digestive tract is very short compared to the tracts of mammals and humans, this means that digestion happens quickly so there is far less time for food to ferment and create gas.

It is very unlikely that gas would ever be present in a pigeon’s gut, and there has never been any recorded evidence of a pigeon fart.

However, it is possible that birds may fart extremely discreetly and so have never been observed doing so.

It is also thought that pigeons and birds may burp as a way of releasing gas. They regurgitate food for their offspring and burping would require the same mechanism.

That said there is no recorded scientific evidence to support claims that birds burp.

It is also unlikely that they would need to as they don’t have any gas-forming bacteria in their digestive system.

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