Do Rats Eat Pigeons?

It would seem that rats do eat pigeons or would do if they got hold of one.

Rats will certainly eat a pigeon’s eggs.

Rats are noted for raiding the nests of animals that lay eggs.

Rats are omnivorous, in other words, they will eat anything.

do rats eat pigeons

In some ways they are like pigeons.

They are much more intelligent than people give them credit for.

They are very adaptive and can live in almost any environment.

They thrive around human habitats, just like pigeons do, because of the readily available food sources.

Also, human constructions afford them an unlimited abundance of accommodation.

Like pigeons, they have colonised our cities and buildings.

They may have short lifespans, but like the pigeons, their breeding cycles ensure the rapid reproduction of their species.

In the survival staves, they are on a par with pigeons.

Both species are prime survivors, despite natural dangers and human sponsored exterminations.

Do Rats & Pigeons Ever Meet?

You would think that the two species would never meet.

In that, you may be wrong.

When you think of pigeons, you immediately think of airborne creatures, winging their way across the skies, out of reach of anything except other birds.

That is true, but you’ve also seen them strutting around on the ground, pecking away at thrown seeds and human food debris.

An unaware pigeon could easily become the target of a hungry rat.

Rats Will Climb High

Again, you may think of rats creatures that exclusively skulk around underground in the sewers.

rat up a tree

That’s almost true too.

Rats do infest our sewage and drainage systems, but they are also quite adventurous.

They can climb and will do so. In their search for food sources, they go everywhere.

In the buildings that pigeons use, they can climb to the highest reaches, just as well as pigeons can fly to them.

We always think of rats below and pigeons on high, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. 

A Rats Survival Instinct

Rats are mostly scavengers but will attack live prey when in numbers. Usually, the prey has to be injured.

In a confined space such as an attic, loft, or any other enclosed area, a rat would have the advantage, if it attacked by stealth.

On the other hand, if a pigeon can take to the wing, the rat doesn’t stand a chance.

Adult pigeons are pretty savvy when it comes to survival, but baby chicks may be vulnerable if not guarded properly. 

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