How Do You Spell Dove?

The word “dove” is spelled “dove”.

It is pronounced “duv”.

In the past it has been spelt as duove and other interesting variations, listed below:

According to Wikipedia it has an interesting Etymological history which includes many variations; from Middle English dove, douve, duve, from Old English *dūfe (“dove, pigeon”), from Proto-West Germanic *dūbā, from Proto-Germanic *dūbǭ (“dove, pigeon”), from Proto-Indo-European *dʰewbʰ- (“to whisk, smoke, be obscure”).

Cognate with Scots doo, dow, Saterland Frisian Duuwe, West Frisian do, Dutch duif, Afrikaans duif, Sranan Tongo doifi, German Taube, German Low German Duuv, Dutch Low Saxon duve, doeve, Danish due, Faroese dúgva, Icelandic dúfa, Norwegian Bokmål due, Norwegian Nynorsk due, Swedish duva, Yiddish טויב‎ (toyb), Gothic 𐌳𐌿𐌱𐍉 (dubō).

However the only recognized way of spelling it now in the english language is “dove“.

We’ve written a whole lot of content about doves so we are 100% confident that we’ve got the spelling right on this one!


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