How Do You Spell Pigeon?

The word “pigeon” is spelled “pigeon”.

It is pronounced “pi” – “jon”.

In the past it has been spelt as pidgeon and many other interesting variations, listed below:

pegen, pegeon, pegeone, pegion, pegon, peion, peioun, peiun, pejon, pejone, pejoun, pichon, pychon, pygeoun, pygyne, pyion, pyione, pyioun, pyjon, pigon, pegyon, pygeon, pigion, pigeon, pegyn, pichion, pidgin, pigen, pigin, pydgyn, pyggion, pygion, pygon, pygyn, piggen, pidgeon, pidgion, pigeing, piggion, pydgion, pudgen, pigioun, powdȝon, pudȝeoun, pudyean

(Courtesy of FumbleFingers on Stackexchange).

However the only recognized way of spelling it now is “pigeon“.

We’ve written a whole lot of content about pigeons so we are 100% confident that we’ve got the spelling right on this one!

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