How To Draw A Pigeon: 16 Steps

Want to know how to draw a pigeon?

So did we, so we asked the talented sketcher Abdel Jabbarel for help, check out the video he produced for us below or follow the step-by-step instructions to draw a great-looking domestic pigeon:

You will need:

  • a 2B pencil
  • a 4B pencil
  • a rubber
  • paper
  • a ruler

1. Draw a 4×4 square grid

Each of the 16 squares should measure 5cm x 5cm.

drawing a 4x4 grid

2. Draw a circle for the head and a rough outline of the body

drawing of a rough outline of the body and circle head

3. Smooth the lines out

smoothing out the lines

4. Draw the beak and pigeon’s eye

drawing the beak and an eye

5. Rub out the circle guideline

rub out the circle guideline

6. Draw the legs & feet

draw the legs and feet

7. Add shading & texturing

adding shading & texturing
add shading & texturing 2

8. Add soft shading using the rubber end

add soft shading using the rubber

9. Smooth out the lines

smooth out the lines again

10. Add more shading around the head

add shading around the head

11. Add detail to the eyes

add detail to the eye

12. Draw the wing & tail feathers

draw the wing & tail feathers

13. Add soft shading to the chest/underbelly

Use the side of your pencil to do this.

Adding soft shading to the chest

14. Draw the wing feathers

draw in the wing feathers

15. Add shading to the tail feathers

shade and define the tail feathers

16. Add definition & shading to the legs & feet

add definition to the legs & feet

17. Enjoy your work!

finished pigeon drawing


Dan has been fascinated with pigeons since his youth when he used to feed them breadcrumbs at the local park. With a background in SEO Dan noticed a few years ago that there were very few websites around dedicated to his favorite bird so he set out to change that by starting Pigeonpedia.

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