5 Best Pigeon Feeders

Pigeons eat a lot of food and a good feeder can help keep the feed clean and dry while ensuring it is easy to access and food waste is kept to a minimum.

The best pigeon feeder has a large seed capacity, is durable, straightforward to install, quick to refill and easy to clean.

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1. RentACoop Dual-Port Feeder

This feeder from Rent A Coop is a great no-mess option that prevents food from being wasted. It is made from durable plastic and comes with adaptable ports – the larger ports should be used for pigeons (the smaller ports are great for chicks up to 4 weeks old). 

Unfortunately the set doesn’t come with covers to close access to the small ports (but there are covers to close the large ports if you are using it for very small chicks).

This may not be an issue but it could be an inconvenience if you don’t want your pigeons to use those ports and are concerned about mice etc. accessing the feed.  

The container holds 5lb (around 450g) of feed and the lip of the feeder helps to ensure the feed remains dry and clean. It keeps dirt, debris and bedding out while letting the pigeons help themselves when they are hungry.

As there are 2 ports 2 pigeons can eat side by side, this may not be efficient if you have a large number of birds in one enclosure.

Refills are easy as the lid simply pops off and you can pour in the grain. Unlike many other feeder options, this system works with grain and seeds of any size.

You can expect a full feeder to last around 3 days if you have 4 pigeons eating from it (based on 1 pigeon eating 30-40g per day). The feeder also has a handle so you can move it around with ease. 

The design of this feeder helps to minimise food waste and the cone top helps to prevent birds from perching on top of the feeder. 

One of the downsides to this RentACoop feeder is that it is not rainproof so it needs to be used under cover or inside a roofed enclosure.

If you are going to be using a feeder outside then this isn’t the best option as it will take in water and the feed inside will become wet which can lead to mould. 

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2. POPETPOP Practical Pigeon Feeder

If you’re looking for a simple, practical feeder that can accommodate a large number of pigeons, the POPETPOP feeder is a great option. 

There are separators above the trough that separate it into 8 sections.

This allows multiple birds to eat from it at once. These slots give the pigeons easy access to the feed while also helping prevent them from climbing in and scratching the feed out of the container. 

The trough itself has a solid plastic bottom so you can pour in the grain all in one go and shake or level it out rather than needing to pour into individual sections. This ensures it is quick and easy to top up the feeder. 

The downside with “topping up” the feeder when it is not empty is that any remaining seed stays at the bottom while the fresh seeds fall on top and will get eaten first.

Due to this, it’s best to remove the remaining feed before putting fresh food in and then you can put the older food on top so it gets eaten first. 

The trough design helps to keep food inside the container which prevents food waste and keeps the feed dry and clean.

It also lets you use seeds and grain of any size as, unlike many feeders, there are no small openings or tubes the seed has to fall through. This is perfect for giving birds easy access to feed. 

As this feeder does not feature a roof or cover of any kind it is designed only for indoor or protected use. When using inside this is a durable, low-cost and no-nonsense feeder that does its job well.  

As it is a lightweight feeder (350g) it can be picked up and moved around with ease. It is also quick to clean and doesn’t have any removable parts or grooves that can harbour bacteria. 

This is a convenient feeder that measures 39.7 x 10.5 x 4.5cm.

As it is not very big it should only be used to feed a small number of pigeons or multiple feeders should be used to ensure there is enough food available.  

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3. MACGOAL Automatic Poultry Feeder

The Macgoal Automatic Feeder is a feed jar with 8 access holes on the base. It uses gravity to keep food available at all times. 

As the jar is white plastic you can see how much feed is left in the jar without needing to open it up. When a refill is required you simply unscrew the bottle and refill it before screwing the base back in position. 

This is a convenient option that is easy to use. As it can be disassembled it makes cleaning quick. The access holes ensure the pigeons are able to reach the feed and this allows them to eat all of it without any grains being left out of reach. 

The base is cleverly designed to help the feeder stay in position and prevent it from tipping over. 

One of the downsides to this feeder is the way it is filled.

You need to remove the feeder, unscrew the jar to refill it and then reattach the jar to the base.

As you reattach it and turn it back over ready for the pigeons quite a lot of feed falls down into the bowl which can be messy and wasteful if not done carefully.

This also means half of the container is already empty which is frustrating. 

As this feeder needs to be assembled it is important to attach the pieces together properly otherwise they can become unattached which leads to the food spilling out.

The base of this feeder is 16cm and it stands 24cm tall. It weighs just 370g so it can be picked up and moved around with ease.

This is a good feeder for multiple pigeons thanks to the many feeding access holes around the base. 

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4. FinYii 2-Pack No-Mess Automatic Bird Feeder

This 2 pack of bird feeders is great for use on the edge of a cage. The feeder sits outside the cage and there is an opening for the birds to help themselves. A compartment underneath the opening catches any hulls and uneaten seeds and prevents them from falling to the floor. This tray can then be emptied as needed. 

The container can hold 400g of seeds so will hold enough feed to last around 3 days if feeding 4 pigeons.

As there are two feeders in the pack this will help to provide additional feed to cover more days or feed more animals.

The only thing to consider is that you will likely only get one pigeon to eat from a feeder at a time due to limited space at the feeding opening. 

One of the downsides to this feeder is that it cannot handle large seeds as they will get stuck and stop the flow of food.

This feeder uses gravity to ensure there is always seed available until the container is empty.

The only time this may not work as intended is if the seeds are too large and get stuck, stopping the seed from moving down the container to the opening. 

Any mess falls into the removable tray and this can be cleared out daily or as needed. This is key for preventing food from falling onto the enclosure floor and getting messy and damp. 

As this feeder is made from plastic you can clearly see when it needs to be topped up and as the unit is on the outside of the cage it is very quick and easy to refill and maintain. The container is also covered with a lid to help keep food fresh and protected.

Another great thing about this being mounted outside the enclosure is that it ensures the pigeons have plenty of room and the feeder doesn’t take away any of their space. 

These feeders are easy to mount, it is quick and easy to position them and remove them. This is a great option for less mess and less food waste but it only works effectively with tiny seeds. 

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Pigeon Feeder 5 Review

This set comes with 2 water containers and 1 food container. They are tall, slim feeders with a long, narrow trough-type of opening to provide access for the birds. 

The water feeders can hold 140ml and the food feeder can hold 150ml. This will last a couple of days if feeding one pigeon but for up to 3 pigeons it will need refilling at least every 1.5 days. 

As the dispensers are automatic they will continue to offer food and water until they are empty. As the opening is small it helps to prevent the food from becoming damp or contaminated. 

These feeders are made of BPA-free plastic, they are durable, reliable and safe to use. They are also see-through so you will know when a top up is required. 

These water and feed containers can be positioned inside or outside the enclosure.

This is a great option if you have a young pigeon in your care.

Be aware that larger pigeons may struggle to access the narrow trough for the food as it is just 2.5cm wide (the trough for the water is just 1.2cm wide)

This is a low cost option and the downside to this is that many customers have said the feeders break, get cracked or damaged very easily. 

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Things To Consider When Buying A Pigeon Feeder

To find the right pigeon feeder for you there are a a few different things you need to consider:

1. Size

Think about the size of the feeding holes and the size of the main feeder body.

If the feeding holes are too small then the pigeons will struggle to eat the food and the seeds are more likely to get stuck (if it is an automatic gravity feeder). 

The size and shape of the main body will impact its seed capacity and where you can position it.

If you need to feed many pigeons then you will need to look at buying several feeders to ensure they all have access to the food.

If you want to feed the pigeons for a few days at a time then the feeder needs to be large and automatic so it continues to fill itself as the birds eat. 

2. Seed Capacity 

The seed capacity is how many seeds you can fit into the feeder.

The largest feeders we’ve come across have space for around 450g of feed which is enough for a couple of days if you are feeding a few pigeons.

Many of the feeders that clip to the edge of a cage are small in size so will need to be refilled regularly. 

The other consideration when looking at seed capacity is the type of seeds that can be used.

Options like the POPETPOP feeder can be used with any seeds but the Finyii feeder can only be used with very small seeds otherwise they get stuck and the pigeon feeder doesn’t work effectively. 

3. Durability 

It’s important for the feeder to be able to stand any pecking and nudging as well as the weight of the pigeons standing on it. It should be made from sturdy materials with strong joins and it shouldn’t have any small or loose parts.

The best pigeon feeders are easy to clean and don’t become worn or discoloured with regular use.  

4. Ease of Refilling 

Refilling the feeder should be quick and easy. Having an opening at the top of the feeder that lets you pour in fresh feed is ideal.

The feeders that you need to remove from the enclosure and unscrew in order to refill are more time consuming.

These ones are good because the feed is well protected but it takes time and effort and when you flip it over to reposition it a lot of the feed falls down so you are left with a half-filled jar rather than a full one. 

5. Feeder Holes

The holes are where the pigeon is going to get access to the food.

More holes means more accessibility and multiple pigeons can eat from the feeder at once.

Check the size and shape of the holes to ensure they will be good for your birds. 


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