Pigeon Kisses: All You Need To Know

Pigeon Kissing is also known as “billing”.

Kissing is part of pigeons’ courtship rituals.

The hen will often approach her mate and when he opens his beak he will feed her some semi-digested seed. They may then rub their beaks together.

This often precedes them mating.

When Do Pigeons Kiss

The kissing behavior of pigeons can be observed at any time, but it is most common during the mating season.

The male will present his bill to a female and she will peck him with hers while he nibbles away too!

Males may also kiss females as an act of affection – it’s usually by gently brushing their bills together when they are resting side-by-side.

During courtship, a pigeon may offer this ‘kiss’ immediately after landing next to a bird who has an interest in him.

Meaning Of Seeing Pigeons Kiss

Pigeons are very symbolic birds.

Two pigeons kissing symbolizes love and peace.

If you see two pigeons kissing this can symbolize that love is coming your way.

However strangely if you see pigeons kissing in a dream this is said to indicate that your romantic relationships are short, this is despite the fact that pigeons mate for life.


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