Pigeon Masks: 3 Best Buys To Become One Of The Japanese Bird People

If you’re looking to buy a pigeon mask, you’ve come to the right place.

We bought three of the most popular pigeon masks and gave them all a thorough test wearing for you.

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If you’re keen to make a purchase right now then our top choice of pigeon mask for adults is The Johnnies Pigeon Mask, this is the most realistic looking pigeon mask and the best fitting one for adults. It’s the perfect disguise for anyone looking for a reason to poop on someone’s car.

modelling pigeon mask 1

For kids, the Haorong Pigeon Mask is the best choice as the neck is shorter so they can see out of the eye holes with ease.

1. The Johnnies Pigeon Mask

johnnies pigeon mask
  • Most realistic-looking mask.
  • Covers the neck nicely.
  • Darker color means eyeholes aren’t as noticeable.
  • Our favorite of the three.
  • Check it out on Amazon.

2. The Bodysocks Pigeon Mask

body socks pigeon mask
  • Much larger beak than the other masks.
  • Eyeholes are very large and visible this makes it easier to breathe in than the Johnnies mask but it ruins the look a bit.
  • Our second favorite of the three.
  • Check it out on Amazon.

3. The Haorong Pigeon Mask

haorong pigeon mask
  • Doesn’t fully cover an adult’s neck, feels awkward to wear compared to the other two.
  • Better fit for children.
  • The least realistic looking of the three.
  • A decent mask for kids but we have to rate this one third out of three.
  • Check it out on Amazon.

Pigeon Mask Photos

Where To Find The Japanese Bird People On Google Maps

There is one particular spot in Tokyo where you can find the aptly named ‘Japanese Bird People’ wearing pigeon masks on Google, the location is on a sidewalk near the Tamagawas Aqueduct.

The exact map location, for coordinate lovers, is: Lat, Long: 35.7040744,139.5577317

One of the amusing things about these particular pigeon mask wearers is their reaction when the Streetview person passes them by..

people wearing pigeon masks near the Tamagawa Aqueduct

..they all turn around and curiously watch as they leave.

Pigeon Masks Are Particularly Popular In Japan

Pigeon masks are popular across the world but they seem to have something of a cult following specifically in Japan.

In part because the Japanese Bird People, who have become something of an internet meme, have contributed to the popularity of pigeon masks there.

Here are some people wearing pigeon masks at a conference in Japan:

Sharing a meal together at home:

Getting a takeaway:

Riding a train:

Out & about:

…so if you do decide to invest in a pigeon mask, rest assured you are not alone!


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