Is A Pigeon Pooping On You Good Luck?

When a pigeon poops on you it is said to be a sign of good luck.

This belief originated in Russia and it is based around the fact that the chances of a pigeon pooping on you are very low, especially when you consider that pigeons rarely poop when flying.

pigeon poop good luck

The Chances Of Being Pooped On

According to a thread on Reddit the average person has around 5184 seconds (86 minutes) daily exposure where they are at risk of being pooped on.

Birds poop roughly once every 2880 seconds, so there is a probability of 1/2880 each second or a poop probability each second of 0.001 * (1/2880) per bird encountered.

The probability of surviving a day without getting pooped on is (1 – (0.001 * (1/2880))) ^ 5184 = 0.9982016187

So there is a 99.8% chance that next time you go out you won’t get pooped on by a bird.

It’s quite unusual, which is why it is said to be a sign of good luck, as it is such as rare occurrence.

For myself (aged in my mid-30s at the time of writing) I can think of only three occasions in my life where I’ve knowingly been pooped on by a bird.

The Symbolism Of Pigeons

Pigeons are very symbolic creatures, symbolizing love, peace, hope and more.

For some people everything associated with pigeons and doves…including their poop can be a good omen!


Let’s be frank, a pigeon pooping on you isn’t nice.

It can potentially ruin your day.

However if you change your mindset and instead of thinking “just my luck, something else to make my day even worse”, you think “wow, what are the chances…maybe today is my lucky day”…then you change a negative occurence into a positive one.

That shift in mindset can actually help you achieve more positive outcomes in your day which could be put down to the ‘good luck’ of the pigeon poop.

Dwayne Wade, an American basketball player, filmed a short video explaining how he was convinced that getting pooped on my a bird is good luck, watch what he has to say about his run-in with a bird below:


So the next time you get pooped on by a pigeon rather than cursing your misfortune maybe you should go and buy a lottery ticket instead!

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