Do Pigeons Get Pregnant?

Pigeons (nor any other birds) do not get pregnant, they lay and then incubate eggs instead.

During the mating season, the male and female pigeons mate.

Then a nest is made, eggs are laid and the male and female pigeons will take turns incubating the eggs until the chicks hatch.

pregnant pigeon

Fat Pigeon Aren’t Pregnant

You may have seen a fat pigeon and thought that it looks pregnant, we’ve established that pregnancy definitely isn’t the cause of their weight gain.

Likely reasons for a pigeon to be fat include:

  1. Many city pigeons are fat because they are scavengers. Food in cities is abundant and pigeons often don’t have to work very hard to get it. This naturally leads to pigeon obesity.
  2. Pigeons (and all birds) have the ability to puff up their feathers so if a pigeon looks fat that does not necessarily mean it is overweight. They may just be feeling ill or cold, to counter this they puff up their feathers to trap air against their skin and keep them warmer.


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