Cute Pigeons: 13 Pics

Common city pigeons are thought of as being dirty ‘rats with wings’.

However this stereotype is unfair, pigeons are actually quite clean creatures and they can be extremely cute!

cute pigeons

Many people don’t know this but there are actually hundreds of different breeds of pigeon some of which are uniquely

Below are 13 of the cutest pigeon pictures we’ve come across:

1. Baby Pigeons Can Be Incredibly Cute With Their Fluffy Feathers

cute baby pigeon

While it’s rare to see a newborn baby pigeon, it’s not too uncommon to see fledglings (like the one above) when they first attempt to leave the nest.

2. Newborn Baby Pigeons Are A Rare Sight

newborn baby pigeons

…and a very cute one too.

It’s extremely unusual to ever see a pigeon this young as they don’t leave the nest until they’re almost fully-fledged.

Typically only people who keep a breeding pair of pigeons or who are hand-rearing pigeon babies will ever see pigeons at this age.

3. This Cute Pigeon Couple

cute pigeon couple

Pigeons mate for life, part of their mating rituals includes cute displays of affection with plenty of kissing as seen above.

4. This Pigeon Smelling A Flower

Pigeons pictures don’t come much cuter than this!

5. The Pink Necked Green Pigeon

pink necked green pigeon - rainbow pigeon

The pink necked green pigeon is a stunningly beautiful pigeon native to southeast Asia.

6. The Nicobar Pigeon

the colorful nicobar pigeon

The Nicobar pigeon is a very rare pigeon that is said to be the closest living relative of the Dodo.

7. The Victoria Crowned Pigeon

victoria crowned in woods

Named after Queen Victoria the stunning Victoria Crowned Pigeon is one of four ground-dwelling pigeon breeds.

8. The Frillback Pigeon

9. Hungarian Giant House Pigeon

hungarian giant house pigeon

The Hungarian Giant House Pigeon is a strikingly unique pigeon.

10. Maltese Pigeon

Maltese Pigeons are famed for their long slender legs.

11. Indian Fantail Pigeon

indian fantail pigeons

Indian Fantails owe their name to their striking (and remarkably cute) fan-like tail.

12. The Jacobin Pigeon

white jacobin pigeon

The Jacobin Pigeon is best known for the feathered hood it displays over its head.

13. All Pigeons Are Cute

common Wood Pigeon

Even the much maligned average everyday pigeon has plenty of moments of cuteness too!


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