Do Pigeons Eat Oats?

Oats are grains, so yes, pigeons eat oats.

In the wild, feral pigeons eat all sorts of grains and seeds, but only an avid pigeon watcher would be able to tell you if they actually eat oats or not.

On the other hand, pigeon fanciers that keep pet pigeons or lofts, debate the issue.

It seems that some pigeons will eat oats, while others won’t although oats are considered part of their natural food resources.

Maybe it just comes down to personal pigeon preference? 

Nutritional Value

Oats have a high nutritional value for humans when they are prepared and cooked.

Pigeons don’t cook, but the goodness in oats is still the same, whether cooked or not.

Oats contain high levels of carbohydrates and proteins, more than other types of grains.

That’s why many avian experts recommend mixing them in with other grains and seeds to feed your birds.

Except, those same experts will caution you to use oats for only about 5% of their feed.

It is also said that oats help to stimulate the bird’s nervous system, which is supposed to be especially good for them during the mating season.

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Trial and Error

It is doubtful that the urban city dwelling pigeon has natural access to oats.

Many things are still grown in the cities, but fields of oats aren’t one of them.

It is unlikely that your typical sophisticated city pigeon will bother to fly out of the towns to savor some raw oats.

The woodpigeon, on the other hand won’t turn their beaks up at oats.

If you keep pigeons yourself it would be worthwhile including oats in their diets.

Oats are considered a healthy type of food for humans, a natural product, so why not for pigeons too?

Mix the oats in with other food and see if they eat them.

If not, cross oats off your shopping list.   


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