Lahore Pigeon: Breed Guide

The Lahore pigeon is a type of fancy pigeon that is quite large, but gentle and mild-mannered.

It is considered one of the most popular ornamental pigeons around the world and many people keep them as pets.

lahore pigeon

The Lahore pigeon was once bred for its meat but is now kept as a show or ornamental pigeon because of its fancy plumage and patterns. 

Lahore Pigeon Origins

Following one of the most common naming conventions in the animal kingdom, this pigeon is so called because it originated in Lahore in Pakistan.

It became popular in the Shiraz area of Iran and in the late 1800s, the pigeon made its way to Germany and became a popular choice among pigeon enthusiasts in the 1960s.

This type of pigeon was never wild and has always been a completely domesticated bird, which may explain its docile nature.

It’s now one of the most popular pigeons to keep for pets anywhere in the world. 

Lahore Pigeon Appearance

A medium to large-sized pigeon, the Lahore grows to about 27 cm tall and 30 cm long.

Generally, the pigeon has a white body with colouration that spreads in an arc, extending up toward the beak and wattle and over the eyes.

Its rump and tail are also white.

a lahore pigeon

The head, wing and neck feathers are the areas that produce the ornamental colours of the Lahore pigeon and are what breeders focus on for show pigeons.

The base colour of the pigeon is almost always white, though there is a variant that is more of a yellow colour (known as the Schwartz variant).

The neck, head and wings can be a variety of colors, including blue, black, red or even chequered or banded in several different colors. 

The head of the Lahore is broad, and the top should be oval, and the best birds should have “chubby” cheeks.

lahore breed columbidae

Another desirable characteristic in show Lahore pigeons is a heavily feathered “bull-neck” which flows smoothly into a large chest.

The chest is an important show standard, so breeders will aim for a full, plump, rounded breast. 

This pigeon’s beak is of medium length and is stout and broad with a rather blunt tip and pinkish in colour. Another feature is feathery feet and in show birds, these feathers must always be white. 

Overall, the Lahore pigeon should stand bold and erect with a proud posture.

Lahore Pigeon Behaviour

Because the Lahore pigeon has only been a domesticated bird, you can expect a docile and gentle disposition.

They are usually shy and are easy to tame.

Young pigeons will quickly get used to human interactions, but this should start early on for the best taming results. 

Breeding The Lahore Pigeon

The Lahore pigeon makes a good breed for people new to pigeon breeding, mainly because it doesn’t have any complicated requirements. 

breeding pair of lahore pigeons

The Lahore is a complex bird, a bird that is a mix of power and beauty with strict show standards, so breeding for ornamentation is not as easy as with other types of pigeon.

Their Diet

Like other types of pigeons, the Lahore pigeon eats a diet that consists mainly of grains.

That includes millet, corn, barley and wheat.

A Lahore pigeon’s diet shouldn’t consist of only grains, however.

They can also eat food including peas, poultry pellets and seeds.

They are healthiest with a varied diet.

Grit is important for digesting the seeds, so it should be mixed in according to the ratios provided by the manufacturer. 

Lahore Pigeons for Meat

In Iran, Lahore pigeons are often farmed for meat, while they are generally show or pet pigeons elsewhere in the world.

This kind of pigeon is easy to raise when not trying for high show standards, making it ideal for affordable meat that can be harvested pretty quickly.

People who enjoy pigeon meat say the Lahore pigeon has some of the most delicate and tastiest meat available. 



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