Our 25 Favorite Pigeon Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is coming and the pigeon’s getting fat – ok, so that’s not the true saying but if you are a pigeon lover, you’ll find any excuse to include your favorite birds in your festive decor.

dove christmas tree ornaments

Actually, you won’t need any excuse because we have found some pigeon Christmas decorations that are gorgeous enough to warrant their inclusion in any home’s seasonal wear.

Plus, let’s not forget, white doves, a classic symbol used at Christmas, are members of the Columbidae family too.

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1. Silver Glass Pigeon Hanging Christmas Tree Decoration

Hang this glass pigeon ornament on your tree and you’ll love how the red cap and green scarf flash and sparkle in the twinkle of the fairy lights.

He’ll stand out too, ‘cos he’s a generous 11cms tall.

2. Peace Dove Christmas Tree Ornament

Place this stunning dove ornament in a prominent place in your tree as an instantly recognizable symbol of peace, love and hope at Christmas.

It also makes a delightful centerpiece for a door wreath.

3. Old World Christmas Pigeon Glass Ornament

If you want to splash out on a truly gorgeous ornament that should become a family heirloom, this pigeon ornament is seriously classy and eye-catching.

The rich colors of the blown glass do everything to remind us of the beauty of these birds.

4. Old World Christmas Two Turtle Doves Ornament

Another stunner in blown glass, this hand-painted turtle doves ornament truly brings magic to the second day of Christmas.

5. Artificial Foam Pigeon

Imagine the scene. A roaring fire over which is a mantlepiece draped with a festive wreath. What completes the picture better than a couple of pigeons sitting among the foliage?

This foam pigeon is so wonderfully detailed you’ll have to look twice to see that it’s not real.

6. Pewter Turtle Dove Ornament

Show your care for the environment and your love of all things pigeon with a lovely dove ornament made from eco-friendly, lead-free fine pewter by fine craftsman William Sturt.

7. Mini Dove Figurines

If you love to make your own Christmas decorations, you’re sure to find plenty of uses for these mini dove figurines.

They come as a handy pack of 10 and being a petite 2.3cms in length, you can use them on DIY cards, wreaths, advent calendars or even have them just poking out sweetly from your Christmas tree branches.

8. Colourful Pigeon Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Two traditional Christmas symbols come together to make a thoroughly modern take on a tree ornament.

A crystal snowflake holds a plaque depicting a trio of rainbow pigeons, ready to add a pop of color to your festive décor

9. Gold Glass Christmas Bauble with Turtle Doves

If your taste leans towards the traditional rather than contemporary you’ll love this turtle dove bauble.

Reminiscent of Victorian Christmases of old, it will fit right in with a vintage-style décor theme.

10. Pigeon with Santa Hat Glitter Hanging Christmas Ornament

No pigeon can represent Christmas unless he’s wearing a Santa hat. Not only does this pigeon Christmas bauble depict a lovely close-up of a pigeon head but the ubiquitous hat is glittery. You can even personalize this ornament with your pigeon’s name.

Go all the way and get one named for each of your beloved flock.

11. Mini White Feather Foam Doves

Spread seasonal peace and love by filling your tree branches with a whole flock of white doves. These darling little dove ornaments are easy to place anywhere on your tree as they each sit on a metal clip.

12. Large Pigeon Christmas Bauble

Measuring 8cm, this impactful Christmas bauble is a lovely mix of a bright Santa-red case and an exquisitely detailed oil-painted pigeon.

13. Iridescent Glitter Dove Christmas Tree Decoration

Simple yet stunning, this glorious glittery dove Christmas ornament will grace any tree.

14. Iridescent Hanging Dove Ornaments

What is better than two turtle doves? Three turtle doves! Hang these iridescent dove ornaments directly in front of coloured fairy bulbs to let their iridescent beauty really shine through.

15. 3D Rose Snowflake Ornament

A bit of cuteness is always welcome in the festive season and this snowflake-shaped ornament with its sketch of two doves and pink hearts has in it spade loads.

16. Glass Effect Rainbow Iridescent Flying Dove

Christmas should be all about bling and sparkle so what’s better than a flying dove ornament that not only catches the light spectacularly but also has its own iridescence. Though modelled on a dove, these colours are so redolent of a pigeon’s iridescent feathers.

17. Unfinished Wooden Doves

For you or the kids to get your crafty fingers working! These wooden pigeon hanging decorations are plain on both sides ready to be decorated in any way you choose. Glitter, paint, feathers, writing, patterned, plain … you choose.

18. Christmas Heart Pigeon Ornament

What do you get for the pigeon lover who has everything? A novelty pigeon Christmas ornament, of course. Sure to raise a smile, this witty plaque hits the right spot for those who know.  

19. Pigeon String Decoration

Not all pigeon Christmas decorations have to go on the tree! With a lovely 30cm drop, this hanging pigeon ornament complete with three silver birds and three silver bells is an elegant and versatile item you can use in different ways.

20. Gray Pigeon Glass Christmas Ornament

So far, all the pigeon ornaments have shown a bit of a masculine tinge to the birds. Here’s one for the pigeon babes out there. Of course, it’s a lady pigeon ornament! Look at those eyelashes and the pink glitter.

21. Racing Pigeon Christmas Ceramic Ornament

Your favourite pigeon has raced home especially to be part of your tree. Bright and colourful, this ceramic pigeon Christmas decoration is a little bit quirky and a little bit great.

22. Cartoon Fat Pigeon Christmas Ornament

This adorable fat pigeon bauble is sure to remind you of that one rotund pigeon in your loft who pushes every other bird out of the way to get at the food.

23. White Pigeon Suncatcher

Make the most of any winter sunshine (‘cos after all when was the last time it snowed on Christmas Day?) with a delightful Tiffany-style pigeon suncatcher.

24. Pigeon Christmas Stocking

Buy this to stuff it with gifts for the pigeon lover in your life or simply because you love the bright, bright colours of this pigeon Christmas stocking. It coordinates with item No. 8 above.

25. Two Turtle Doves Glass Christmas Ornament

We finish this list of pigeon Christmas decorations with something very special. Made by American designer Jay Strongwater who specializes in big, bold and bijoux, this amazing two-turtle doves ornament is an absolute stunner. A true pigeon lover’s collector piece.

This is just a small selection of the fabulous dove and pigeon Christmas decorations you can find. You don’t have to look too hard to find something you’ll fall in love with and simply must hang on your tree.

If you’re looking for more pigeon-themed Christmas paraphernalia then have a read of our round-up of the best Christmas pigeon jumpers.

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