Pigeon Pants: What Are They & Where to Buy Them

You’re probably wondering what pigeon pants are.

If so, you aren’t alone.

Pigeon pants are essentially a harness that your pet pigeon can wear that has a built-in diaper that catches their droppings so they aren’t all over your house.

Not only are they functional, but they look adorable on your pet and help you have a bit of control over your bird.

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Here are a few places where you can check them out and even buy them:

So, if you have a pet pigeon or would like to get one, pigeon pants are something that should definitely be on your list of supplies to buy. Keep reading for more information.

What are Pigeon Pants?

As mentioned above, a pair of pigeon pants makes it cleaner and more sanitary to keep a pet pigeon in your home.

The pants act as both a harness and a diaper that collects pigeon droppings so it’s easy to dispose of them. This is a great tool for keeping your pigeons out of a coop or aviary so they can fly around and not be stuck caged up all day long.

It allows you to hold your bird or give them the chance to walk around without you having to worry about the mess.

What are They Made Out Of?

Most pigeon pants are made out of a soft, cotton like material that pigeons can tolerate having on their bodies.

They are fitted by a strap that stretches underneath your bird to secure the pigeon pants around the middle of their body.

Some pigeon pants also have a leash attached that can be used to keep them safe and secure when you go outside.

On the practical side, they are easy to machine wash or wipe down so they’re clean and sanitary for re-use.

How to Use Pigeon Pants

As you can probably imagine, pigeons, like most birds, prefer to not wear clothing, but people who have tried using pigeon pants for their pets report that they usually allow them to be put on and tolerate them well once in place.

All you have to do is insert your pigeon’s legs through the diaper openings and secure the pants closed, while also hooking the harness portion in place under the bird’s neck. 

If you look at the under part of the pigeon pants, you’ll see a vent like opening, which is where you insert a pad or other collection method for the poop.

You will need to check and change the feces collection method you choose every 2 to 4 hours so that you don’t have a mess on your hands.

Simply remove the soiled one, throw it away and replace it with a clean one.

Where to Buy Pigeon Pants

As pigeon pants become more popular, it will likely be easier to find them. You can certainly check your local pet supply store to see if they carry such an item.

If not, look at specialty pet stores in your area or order them online, some great places to buy pigeon pants from online include:

If you have a sewing machine and sewing skills, you could try your hand at making your own pigeon pants.

You may also be able to special order them from an online retailer by providing the dimensions and what you need them for.

Expert crafters may be able to come up with something that works for your needs. Just be sure there’s a way to swap out the collection pad as needed.

Letting Your Pigeon Out of the Cage

Now that you have some pigeon pants to contain the mess when your bird is out of the cage, you should probably know how to make sure your pet is still safe with free roam of the house.

First, be sure you use a gentle hand when putting the pigeon pants on your bird. Birds have very small and delicate bones and you don’t want to hurt your pet in the process.

Get to know how much handling and touching your pigeon likes so that you don’t overwhelm him or her.

Allow your bird to fly or walk around but be sure there aren’t obstacles or items in the way that could cause injury. This means things like not having ceiling fans.

Use caution when wearing strings, jewelry or other similar items around your pigeon as they enjoy playing with these items and could end up with it stuck in their throat or could hurt you in the process.

And of course, remember to change the pad in your pigeon pants regularly to keep your bird comfortable.

Why Have a Pet Pigeon?

Maybe you don’t already have a pet pigeon, but now that you know how to keep the poop mess from taking over your house (check out our pigeon poop cleaning tips if this is a problem for you), perhaps you want to give home to what can be an interesting bird.

There are many great reasons to keep a pigeon as a pet. Unlike other birds that people keep as pets, pigeons don’t make a loud squawking or chirping sound, but instead emit a soft chuckle or coo that is quite pleasant to listen to.

Pigeons are relatively easy to tame and are attractive so they make fun pets to have in your home.

Pigeons are easy to breed so they’re plentiful and they are easy to take care of as they’re pretty mild-mannered and don’t need too much stimulation to be happy.

You’ll love how much pigeons enjoy roaming the house and interacting with you. And now, with the creation of pigeon pants, there’s nothing stopping you from having a pet pigeon of your very own.


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