What Sound Does a Pigeon Make?

what sound does a pigeon make

One of the reasons why pigeons make such a wonderful choice if you’re considering having a pet bird is because they don’t squawk or chirp really loudly like other kinds of birds kept as pets.

Pigeons make a wide variety of sounds including different types of cooing and grunting noises.

Keep reading to find out all about the sounds that a pet pigeon might make and why they make them.


The main sound a pigeon will make is a cooing noise.

Pigeons are similar to doves so you can expect to hear a cooing similar to a dove most of the time.

Usually, a pigeon will make this sound to attract a mate and to call to other pigeons in a form of communication.

It’s not often too loud, but you may hear different volumes coming from your pigeon, which can get louder or more frequent if you have more than one pigeon as a pet, as they’ll coo to “talk” to one another, both in close proximity and further apart.

Pigeons might also coo in combination with strutting and fanning their tails as a way to defend their territory.

You probably won’t see this as often with pet pigeons as you might by watching wild pigeons, but if you have more than one as a pet, it could happen from time to time.

Sometimes a pigeon will make a prolonged cooing sound, sort of like a song. This is often done while they’re moving around, fanning their feathers and walking.

pigeons cooing

It’s likely one way they attract a mate but could also be because they are happy or content and that manifests itself as “singing.”


Another sound you might hear your pigeon make is a grunting noise that is often repeated over and over.

If you hear your pet pigeon making this noise, it’s best to go see what’s happening because pigeons usually grunt when they’re in distress or are scared for some reason.

Chances are you that your pet pigeon is safe, but something may be alarming it, such as another pet in the house.

If your pet pigeon is grunting and is in distress, you should immediately try to find out why.

He or she could be stuck on their coop, could be sick or may be injured. If you can’t determine what’s causing the grunting, keep an eye on your bird.

If it continues and you can’t figure out the cause, take your bird to the vet to have it examined so that you can rule out any injuries or health problems.

Other Sounds

pigeon sat on balcony

Cooing will make up the majority of the sounds that your pigeon makes.

You’ll hear grunting from time to time, but as you get to know your pigeon, you’ll understand its personality a bit better and can differentiate among the variations in cooing and grunting so that you can detect if your bird is happy, content or needs you for something.

However, cooing and grunting aren’t the only sounds that pigeons make. Many of them, most likely including your pet, will clap its wings together right before it takes flight.

If you hear this sound, you can expect your pigeon to start flying around. If you choose to have your pigeons wings clipped to keep it safe while flying inside your home, you might not notice this sound, though you may see your pigeon attempting to clap its wings before it flies.

Another sound you will hear is a thumping that you’ll hear when your pigeon stamps its feet. Sometimes they do this simply as a means to move around or entertain themselves.

However, if you see an increase in this behavior, you may want to have your vet take a peek at your pigeon’s feet as stomping can sometimes be associate with red mites on your bird’s feet.

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