The Best Racing Pigeon Books

There is so much to learn about pigeons- their history, their training techniques, breeding strategies- that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Whether you are a seasoned pigeon racer or you are completely new to the sport, the following list of racing pigeon books will help you on your way!

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1. Long Distance Pigeon Racing

This book is aimed at all pigeon enthusiasts, particularly those who participate in racing them long distances over five hundred miles.

It offers a fresh perspective on the humble pigeon and encourages readers to look deeper into these beautiful animals.

This book will remind you of the joys of pigeon racing.

2. Rotongo on Racing Pigeons

A formal guide to the sport of racing pigeons, this book covers the basics of starting a loft and selecting breeding stock; health and maintenance; conditioning, molting, genetics, eyesight and more.

It’s beautiful gold-tooled simulated leather binding is striking against its pages of vivid color. A must for any serious pigeon racing enthusiast.

3. Essential Modern Racing Techniques

If you are interested in racing pigeons, this book is perfect for you.

The Essential Modern Racing Techniques Book will provide comprehensive information on the different topics that every modern racer should know – their sense of orientation and navigation, speed, condition, vitality, nutrition and feed supplements.

Learn all about these features and how they affect a pigeon’s performance.

4. Pigeon Man

Jim Emerton is a retired pigeon racer who spent 40 years participating in pigeon races.

From the day he began, though pigeons have gone through many changes and developments.

Pigeon Man captures his involvement in this ancient sport and his writings are molded by his experiences as a racer, breeder, fancier, race promoter and judge to create some of the most comprehensive insight ever written into the pigeon racing world.

5. Pigeon Racing Beginners Guide

Pigeon racing is a sport with no age limit and packed with beautiful birds and interesting facts.

This book will help you understand your new amazing hobby and give you all the information you need on how to care for your pigeons as well as what equipment you need, before you jump in!

6. Pigeon Passion: The Complete Pigeon & Racing Pigeon Guide

Drawing on his years of experience, with an easy-to-read style and useful hints and tips, Lang has everything you need to know about pigeon care.

Learn all the skills necessary to keep pigeons in good health, choosing a type of loft best suited to your requirements – be that urban or country living; caring for your pet from daily feeding through breeding; racing and training to a successful release in the sky at breakneck speed!

Pigeon Passion offers all this in one handy book.

7. Pigeons: The Fascinating Saga of the World’s Most Revered and Reviled Bird

The pigeon is a fascinating creature. We owe them several technological innovations, most notably airmail; they are credited with saving thousands of lives and have been domesticated since the dawn of mankind.

On the other hand, they’re notoriously reviled as “rats with wings”.

Blechman’s Pigeons follows him on a quest to understand why people both love and loathe this bird so passionately.

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8. The Homing Pigeon: Training, Breeding and Flying These Winged Messengers

If you keep homing pigeons or you just want to learn the history of these flying messengers The Homing Pigeon is an essential historical read which was first published back in 1901.

George Howard talks through topics such as building a pigeon house, how to breed for speed and strength or flight skills, different foods to feed pigeons and more.

9. Pigeon Breeding Log Book

The Pigeon Breeding Log Book is a useful resource you can use to keep track of your pigeon breeding.

Each page has space for recording details like the date, cage number, cock numbers and varieties, hen numbers and varieties, and 10 spaces for chicks.

The log books are 6 by 9 inches with 100 pages each in a handy size that will fit on any shelf.

10. Pigeon Racing: The Complete Pigeon Racing Guide

This Pigeon Racing book is a complete guide to the sport for people who want to win pigeon racing without over-extending themselves.

Packed with essential hints, Elliott goes through everything in detail: handling, health of pigeons, housing, breeding and raising new birds; he even has information on how to select a good homing/racing bird and the best foods for pigeon racers as well as information about racing breeds.

His straightforward manner will be appreciated by novice and expert alike!

11. Everything You Should Know About Pigeons

This book is for kids who may have questions about pigeons or a growing interest in pigeon racing.

It contains information about pigeons, pigeons in fiction and pigeon racing. The book also includes a glossary of terms for beginners to learn more about this beautiful and interesting creature.


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