Why Do Pigeons Fly Into Windows?

Pigeons fly into windows by accident.

It usually happens because they see a clear reflection of trees or the sky in the window and fly straight into it presuming that they are flying into an open space or a place to land.

why do pigeons fly into windows

Sadly this can often be enough to kill a pigeon with over half of pigeons dying as a result of these types of injuries.

This kind of incident is by no means something that happens exclusively to pigeons, yet as they are one of the most populous birds around they account for a lot of the fatalities.

If you have a window that is prone to birds of any kind flying into it here are a few steps you can take to prevent this from happening:

  • Install a light net – this is a flexible net that is fitted over your window a few inches away, if a pigeon flies into your window the net will bounce them away from it like a trampoline.
  • External coverings – fitting an external shutter, sunshade or awning will prevent light from reflecting directly off your window making it more obvious to pigeons that it is a window.
  • Tape – attaching tape in an ‘x’ pattern to your windows makes it clear to pigeons that it is a window.
  • Bug screens – this works in a similar way to light nets however they are less bouncy, but they will still prevent a bird from fatally injuring themselves.
  • Relocate pigeon feeders – if you move your bird feeder very close to the window (3 feet or so) then there is insufficient distance for a collision to be fatal as they won’t be able to pick up enough speed in that small space.

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