Cinnamon For Racing Pigeons

Pigeons have a peculiar relationship with cinnamon.

It makes a good deterrent because pigeons don’t like its strong smell, but it can also be used as a natural treatment for various pigeon diseases.

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Mixing 1 tablespoon of Ceylon cinnamon into 1kg of pigeon feed is a good way to disguise the scent and will work as a natural treatment for canker and e-coli.

cinnamon for pigeons

What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a spice.

It is the bark of certain trees and is highly aromatic, it is used by all global cuisines in a massive range of sweet and savory dishes.

It is the second most commonly used spice in Europe and the USA.

Cinnamon is also lauded for its healing properties.

Since the ancient Egyptians, the health benefits of cinnamon have been widely recognized.

Why Is Cinnamon Used for Racing Pigeons?

The reason that cinnamon is given to racing pigeons (and pigeons in general) is precisely those health benefits just mentioned. 

What cinnamon can do for humans, applies to pigeons too.

Cinnamon is:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-parasite
  • Anti-inflammatory

Along with all of those helpful ‘antis’, cinnamon also supports the body’s circulatory system and digestive system:

  • A good circulatory system helps with a pigeon’s energy, endurance and top speed and sustained velocity.
  • A digestive system working optimally means the bird gets most from its food. Food is digested efficiently, creating the energy needed for flight

Cinnamon can be considered to be something of a ‘superfood’ in terms of what it can do for the overall health of a pigeon.

The healthier a bird is, the better its performance is likely to be.

Having said that, cinnamon is not a steroid or stimulant, so it won’t enhance a racing pigeon’s performance abnormally.

It won’t add go-faster stripes.

Cinnamon will simply help the pigeon to achieve its optimum natural performance.

Using Cinnamon To Treat Canker & e-coli

Another of the benefits of cinnamon for pigeons is that has proved to be effective in the treatment of some pigeon diseases, most notably canker and e-coli.

Canker is one of the most common pigeon diseases.

canker in pigeons

Estimates put that 80 percent of the world’s pigeons have canker.

It is easily transmittable, and more so by racing pigeons who may pick it up from pigeons outside their own loft.

For racing pigeon owners who prefer natural remedies, cinnamon is a proven solution.

E-coli is also common and can leave birds open to more serious diseases.

Some owners prefer garlic and apple cider vinegar, while others will use cinnamon.


This article was written by our qualified veterinarian Cristina.

This is part of our commitment to providing you with the most trustworthy veterinary advice for your pigeons.

Where Can You Get Cinnamon For Racing Pigeons?

The same cinnamon that you have in your kitchen cupboard or that you can see on the shelves of your local supermarket is what you can administer to your birds.

If you use your own existing spice, make sure it is in date!

So many people keep spices in their cupboards for years.

While cinnamon may not “go-off”, old and stale spice will not have the potency of fresher spice.

If you are going to buy bark/sticks to grind yourself, be aware that there are two types of cinnamon – Ceylon and Cassia.

Ceylon cinnamon is the premier type and is better than the much cheaper cassia that comes mainly from China.

You can buy it in almost every grocery store or supermarket, you can also buy it online from places such as Amazon.

How Do You Give Cinnamon to Racing Pigeons?

There are several different methods by which a racing pigeon can be given cinnamon.

The trick is to mask the natural scent of the cinnamon as much as you can, and this will often involve adding a small amount of the spice to a larger amount of food that can act as a disguise.

One of the most popular ways to administer cinnamon to a pigeon (or group of pigeons) is to add approximately 1 tablespoon of the spice to approximately 1kg of corn.

can pigeons eat corn

This might seem like a drop in the ocean, but it is enough for the birds to receive the benefits if given regularly.

An extra trick is to use 1 tablespoon of lime or lemon juice in the corn to ensure that the grains of cinnamon powder adheres well to the corn.

If they have the chance, pigeons might opt to peck around the cinnamon and eat the plain corn instead.

Don’t give them the chance!

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Do Racing Pigeons Like Cinnamon?

The ironic thing about this is that pigeons don’t actually like cinnamon.  

When it is disguised by various other flavors in food, then you shouldn’t have too much of an issue with getting a pigeon to digest it.

The scent of cinnamon can be used as a pigeon deterrent.

The aroma of cinnamon can irritate the sinus of a racing pigeon, causing it to stay away from any area where the smell is strongest.

When mixed with water in a spray bottle, a cinnamon solution can be used as a deterrent to keep pigeons away from certain areas.

They hate the spicy and pungent scent!

Cinnamon has excellent benefits for pigeons and is a potential solution for bird owners who prefer to abstain from giving their birds antibiotics.

It certainly won’t do your racing pigeons any harm and many owners swear by it.


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