Free Dovecote Plans – Build Your Own Dove House

If you’re looking to build your own Dovecote this article explains exactly how to build the stunning Dovecote pictured below.

The total cost for this build not including tools should stand at around $100 and it will take an estimated 8 hours to build.

finished product - dovecote

Recommended Tools:

  • Mitre saw
  • Circular saw
  • Drill
  • Screw drive
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Safety glasses
  • Spirit level
Estimated cost: Estimated build time:
$100 (prices will vary depending on your location)8 hours

Dovecote Plans PDF

If you’d prefer to download and print off a PDF off our Dovecote plans and cut list so you have a working copy then you can do so by clicking the button below:

Dovecote Cut List

Ensure that you have all the lumber and plywood listed below cut to the correct size before you start assembling the Dovecote.

Name Material Property L (inches) W (inches) Quantity Note
L1Lumber 4×4 25 1/4″ 1Post
L2Lumber 3×2 14″ 4Bottom frame
L3Lumber 2×1Angle Cut10 1/2″ 24Wall frame
L4Lumber 2×1 10 1/2″ 12Wall frame
L5Lumber 4×1Angle cut to 3 5/16″26 3/4″ 12Siding
L6Lumber 3×1 26 3/4″ 18Siding
L7Lumber 1×1Two angle cuts29″ 6Roof frame
L8Lumber 1 1/2×1 1/2Cut chamfers25 3/8″ 1Roof frame
L9Lumber 4×1 6″ 6Entry plate
L10Lumber 1×1 6″ 6Entry plate
P1Plywood 3/4Angle cuts, hole cut29″25 1/8″2Floor
P2Plywood 3/4Angle cuts29″25 1/8″1Ceiling
P3Plywood 9/16Angle cuts29″16 3/16″6Roof covering
P4Plywood 9/16 31″ 6Roof covering
TopWood ø3 1/2″ 1 

Dove House Building Plans – Step By Step Visual Guide:

1. Build The Frame

Create the frame using the 2”x3” lumbers (L2) on the 4”x4” post (L1). Use 3” screws or nails to fit it together.

build the dovecote frame

2. Add The Floor

Use the ¾ plywood panel (P1) to put the first floor in place. Use 1 1/2” screws or nails to secure it.

add the plywood floor

3. Attach The Wall Framing

Create the wall framing using the 2×1 lumbers (L3 & L4). Use 1 1/2” screws or nails to secure.

add wall framing to dovecote

4. Add The 2nd Floor

Use ¾ plywood panel (P1) to create the second floor. Use 1 1/2” screws or nails to secure.

add 2nd floor

5. Attach More Wall Framing

Create the second-floor wall framing using 2×1 lumbers (L3 & L4). Use 1 1/2” screws or nails to secure.

add more wall framing

6. Fit The Ceiling

Use ¾ plywood panel (P2) to set the ceiling. Use 1 1/2” screws or nails to secure it in place.

fit the ceiling

7. Add Siding & Cut Entry Holes

Add the siding (L5 & L6) and cut entry holes to allow doves/pigeons to exit & enter. Use 1 1/2” screws or nails to secure the siding in place.

add siding and pigeon/dove entry holes

8. Create Roof Framing

Create the roof framing using the 1” (L7) and 1 ½” (L8) lumbers. Use 1” screws or nails to secure.

dovecote roof framing

9. Fit Roof Covering

Add 9/16 plywood (P4 & P3) to the roof to create the roof covering. Secure using 1” screws or nails.

fit plywood roof covering

10. Fit Wooden Top To Roof

Secure the roof topper in place.

add a roof topper

11. Add A Waterproof Membrane

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There are a number of ways you can waterproof your dovecote, we recommend:

  1. First painting it using a waterproof sealant such as this.
  2. Then fitting felt roof tiles for a visually pleasing and long-lasting finish.

12. Create Entry Plates

Finally, create the entry plates using the 4×1” (L9) and 1” (L10) lumbers. Use 1 1/2” screws or nails to secure.

add entry plates

Enjoy Your New Dovecote!

It’s done and should look something like this:

finished product - dovecote

We hope you enjoy it as much as the pigeons and doves will no doubt enjoy making their home in it.

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