12 Great Gifts For Pigeon Lovers

So you’ve got a friend who loves pigeons and you’ve no idea what to get them as a gift?

Don’t worry we’ve done the work for you.

Below are 12 great gifts for pigeon lovers that they are sure to enjoy!

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1. Artificial Pigeons

These cute little artificial pigeons are great replicas of the real thing.

If your pigeon-loving friend wishes they could spend every waking moment surrounded by pigeons then these artificial pigeons can turn their dreams into reality as they can place them around their home wherever they want!

These also make great Christmas-themed pigeon ornaments and are ideal for perching in your Christmas tree.

2. Pigeon Mugs

No gift list would be complete without a set of mugs.

Many pigeons lovers also enjoy a good brew so what better way of combining their passions than by getting them an amusing pigeon mug.

There are literally hundreds to choose from!

3. Pigeon Bedspread

Even the most passionate of pigeon fanciers wouldn’t want to share a bed with a pigeon, they’re not quite as cuddly as other creatures and would more than likely wake you up with sharp scratch or by painfully pecking your ear!

Not to worry though, with this pigeon bedspread your friend can now spend time surrounded by pigeons even when they’re sleeping!

4. Pigeon Laptop Vinyl

If the person you’re buying a gift for uses their laptop exclusively for pigeon-related activities then this pigeon vinyl sticker is a must-have for them.

Simply peel it off and stick it on their laptop lid and no one will ever doubt their passion and commitment to their birds again.

5. Pigeon Pendant

Taking your pigeons with you wherever you go isn’t always possible, but with this stunning pigeon pendant you’ll be able to make sure that everyone knows what your passion is before you get the chance to tell them!

6. Crystal Dove Artwork

If a stylish piece of pigeon-related art is more what you’re looking for then this crystal dove artwork is sure to be a winner!

7. Pigeon Socks

Everyone needs socks, even pigeon fanciers!

These stylish pigeon socks are the perfect gift for any pigeon fancier who is keen to create opportunities to talk about pigeons at work, simply flash some ankle and pigeon-related conversations will ensue!

8. Pigeon Fridge Magnets

These stylish cartoon pigeon fridge magnets are a great way of adding a splash of pigeon love to any kitchen.

9. Pigeon T-Shirts

No gift list would be complete without a t-shirt. If you’re passionate about something you always need a t-shirt to make that clear to everyone you walk past in the street.

Pigeons enthusiasts are no different so this pigeon t-shirt would make a great gift!

10. Pigeon Art

Pigeon art comes in all shapes, sizes and styles, from amusing (see above) to epic!

You are sure to find a pigeon art piece somewhere that they will love and which will complement their home perfectly.

11. Pigeon Clock

If the person you’re buying a gift for seems to think of time as a measure of distance between them and their pigeons and little else then this pigeon clock will serve as a great reminder of their first love.

12. Pigeon Tie

With this stunning silk pigeon tie you can easily share your love of pigeons at any formal event or boardroom meeting you attend!

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