How to Keep Pigeons Away From Your Balcony

If you have a problem with pigeons on your balcony then here are 6 tricks you can use to keep them away:

1. Use Pet Cats & Dogs As A Deterrent

If you are a dog or cat owner then allowing your pet to freely visit the balcony will ward off pigeons.

a cat

Put them out there at random times and the pigeons will soon get the idea.

2. Use A Noise Deterrent

Another thing you can try is to play sounds that have been specially recorded for the purpose of scaring away pigeons and other birds.

Usually things such as are recordings or simulations of birds or prey or birds in distress work very well.

Pigeons are top-notch survivalists so their instincts will prompt them to take wing.

You can even get phone apps that you can play these sounds on such as this one.

Just set up a speaker on your balcony and you’ll be pigeon free, play these sounds regularly and the pigeons will soon get the idea.

3. Sprinkle Baking Soda On The Balcony Railings

Pigeons don’t like the feel of baking soda under their feet.

It has a crunchy texture which they find uncomfortable.

pigeon on balcony

So you can sprinkle some of it on the floor and along the railing top of your balcony.

It may have to be swept up and replaced regularly, but it’s a substance that won’t do any harm to you or your balcony.

4. Use Pigeon Repellent Gel

Pigeon repellent gel is a sticky goo that makes the pigeons feel uncomfortable when they step on it because its glue-like feel gives them the idea that they are going to be stuck to the surface.

2 pigeons on balcony

Most gels are also loaded with nasty smells that pigeons don’t like.

5. Use A Decoy

Decoys are a humane method of scaring off pigeons.

They are designed to look like owls, hawks or even snakes.

an owl decoy

If you use decoys, it is better to buy a few different ones and swap them around, putting them in different locations each time as pigeons will soon figure out that a stationary predator is no real threat.

6. Use Railing Spikes

Metal or plastic spikes are usually a good pigeon deterrent.

bird spikes

They come in clusters or long strips that you can lay on top of your balcony railing making it impossible for pigeons to land there.

7. Call-In The Pigeon Control Specialists

If you’ve tried everything in our list and pigeons are still desecrating your balcony then it is worth getting professional help.

If you’ve got a serious pigeon problem the best solution is to get professional help, click the relevant image below (U.S or UK) to find a pigeon control specialist near you:


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