Pigeon Repellent Gel – Everything You Need to Know

While many people love pigeons and keep them as pets, others see them as a pest and would rather they make their home somewhere else.

If you’re in the latter camp, you may be experiencing a large number of pigeons roosting in your garden or on your property.

Even if you enjoy their company and listening to their cooing sounds, chances are you don’t want their feces or mess in your space.

In these cases, a pigeon repellent gel is a great choice for controlling the pigeon population in your area and protecting your home and outdoor space.

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The three repellents we recommend are:

  1. Bird-C 54-1
  2. Bird Barrier Optical Gel
  3. Bird Free Optical

1. Bird-C 54-1 Proof Bird Repellent

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With an affordable price and an easy to use application, this bird repellent gel is one of our top recommendations.

Use the handy caulking style container to spread a layer of the gel anywhere it’s needed without a mess.

This gel is ideal for pigeon roosting spaces, including windowsills, ledges and other areas.

It boasts a non-sticky consistency and works with a standard 10-inch caulking gun.

Be sure to apply a thin coat of the gel or the birds may get stuck in it and spread it around your space, leaving a mess everywhere.

Used properly, this pigeon gel repellent is the ideal way to control where they land and keep their mess from invading your space.

 2. Bird Barrier Optical Gel

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These preloaded gel packs are ideal for placing on windows and are weather resistant so they’ll keep pigeons away from your property in all conditions.

The gel packs are discreet so they won’t be too noticeable and each is made from safe, green ingredients that will repel the birds but won’t harm them in the process.

The smaller size of these gel packs is also great for using in small spaces without being too obvious.

Mount the discs with a bit of silicone and use them in narrow or tight spaces where you want to remove pigeons.

3. Bird Free Optical Flame Bird Repellent Gel 

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When pigeons see this deterrent, they sense fire so they stay away.

While there aren’t any actual flames, the birds see them due to the visibility of the gel, which helps deter them from landing in places you’d rather not have them.

The preloaded discs are simple and fast to install and won’t be too obvious to take up too much space.

They’re great for ledges, balconies and other places where pigeons tend to roost.

Each comes with a satisfaction, money back guarantee.

What is Pigeon Repellent Gel?

The main purpose of using pigeon repellent gel is to keep pigeons and other small birds from nesting or perching on the edges of your property, including on balconies, ledges, rooftops, solar panels and other areas.

Even if you enjoy pigeons, you probably want to keep them from congregating in your space because they leave behind feces and other mess that you then have to clean up.

pigeon repellent gel

There are many kinds of pigeon deterrents, including spikes, rods, tape and traps which can be used to keep pigeons away.

Most people opt for pigeon repellent gel because it’s more humane than some of the other options out there.

It’s also much easier to use and doesn’t require the same time and effort commitment that many other methods use.

The gel itself usually contains a material that makes it sticky, most commonly polybutene.

When applied to surfaces, the gel feels tacky to pigeons, deterring them from landing in the areas where to place it.

How to Use It

In addition to being kinder to pigeons and other birds, repellent gel is a choice for many because it’s much easier to use than other methods.

Unlike spikes or traps, you won’t have to spend much time assembling the parts and then placing them where you want them.

With a repellent gel product, you can place the prefilled discs in place with silicone or a similar material.

If you choose gel in a tube, all you’ll need to do is place it in a caulking gun and pipe it on your ledges, roof or balcony.

The best way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the pigeon repellent gel that you choose is to follow the directions that accompany the product.

Many of the gels, while safe for use with birds, can cause skin irritation and damage to the eyes, so it’s important to stick to the instructions closely.

Why Does Repellent Gel Work?

As mentioned above, the main ingredient in the gel is sticky and when you place it where you want to keep the pigeons away, it works to deter them.

That’s because pigeons, and many other kinds of birds, don’t like the tacky sensation they feel when they land somewhere covered in the gel repellent.

This keeps them from wanting to perch there and causes them to seek somewhere else to roost and land.

Some gels, such as the one mentioned in the product reviews above, look like flames to a pigeon.

While they are entirely safe to use and don’t actually produce any flames, these gels keep pigeons away from ledges, balconies and rooftops by making them think there is a fire, which their instincts tell them to stay away from.

The trick to using pigeon repellent gel is to apply a thin coat since too much can result in the bird getting stuck in the gel.

That will require you to go set the pigeon free, or call someone to help you do so.

Keep in mind that since the substance is tacky, other items, such as leaves and trash, might also stick to the repellent, leaving you to clean up the mess.

Where to Use Pigeon Repellent Gel

You can use pigeon repellent gel on any flat, horizontal surface. As mentioned previously, it’s very common for use on rooftops, ledges and balconies, which are popular places for pigeons and other birds to perch.

However, it can also be used in many other locations.

Apply the gel to patios, beams, windowsills, eaves and entryways.

You can also use it on windmills, machinery or barns and silos.

pigeon sat on balcony

Pigeon repellent gel can be applied to most surfaces, including wood and metal.

If you’re worried about the gel damaging your property, consider using a prefilled disc that can be adhered with silicone or similar material that is safe to use on those items.

Be sure you do a spot check before applying the product all over the area so you can make sure it won’t cause any kind of blistering, warping, peeling or other kinds of damage.

Why Should I Use Pigeon Repellent Gel?

There are many reasons to use pigeon repellent gel.

The obvious one is that you don’t want large populations of birds in your space.

However, there are some other reasons why a pigeon repellent gel is a good idea.

One is to control the noise at home or at your place of business.

A large group of pigeons can get quite noisy and if you’re tired of the sound, a repellent gel can help you safely convince the birds to relocate somewhere else. 

large group of pigeons

Another reason to choose pigeon repellent gel is to control the amount of droppings on your property.

The pile-up of pigeon feces can lead to parasites and mites, which can lead to health problems for both pets and family members.

Feces also contains uric acid, which can damage the paint on vehicles and your home.

Finally, when pigeons nest on your property, it can lead to damage, especially if the nests are in your windows or the gutters of your roof.

If they are left in place, they can lead to extensive damage that is quite expensive to repair and that can lead to other problems that you’ll have to deal with.

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How to Choose Pigeon Repellent Gel

There are many kinds of pigeon repellent gel on the market so you have quite a few options to choose from.

One of the most important things to consider when making a decision is your budget and the ease of which the gel is applied.

It’s also important to note that a repellent gel might not work on its own and you may have to supplement its use with additional strategies to control the pigeon population on your property.

Using a pigeon deterrent is a simple way to protect your home or business, cut down on noise and keep birds from taking over the space and causing expensive damage.

A gel product is a great option to get you started and is easy to use and simple to find.

You’ll love how much cleaner and quieter your space is when you use pigeon repellent gel.


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