How To Stop Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels: 8 Methods

Solar panels provide a warm dry spot that is out of the way of predators – perfect for pigeons to nest under.

Pigeons can cause damage to your solar panels as well as be a noisy nuisance.

Below are 8 methods you can use to pigeon-proof your solar panels:

1. Hire a Pigeon Control Company

If you’ve got a serious pigeon problem the best solution is to get professional help, click the relevant image below (U.S or UK) to find a pigeon control specialist near you:

2. Bird Mesh Screens

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Mesh screens are a highly effective pigeon nesting deterrent.

The mesh clips around your solar panels making it impossible for a pigeon to squeeze in under them.

They are very low profile – you can barely see them unless you know they’re there, and they work extremely well.

3. Bird Netting

pigeon net

Bird netting is a cheaper alternative to mesh screens.

Simply wrap the netting around the edge of the panel to prevent pigeons from getting under it.

Netting is less durable than meshing but providing it is installed correctly it will make your panels impenetrable for years to come.

4. Solar Panel Edging

Solar panel edging consists of protective barriers that are fitted all the way around your solar panels.

It seals the gap between the roof and the panels making it impossible for birds or any debris to get underneath.

5. Roof Spikes

Roof spikes are known to be a very effective pigeon deterrent.

They make it impossible for pigeons to land.

Installing roof spikes around the edge of your solar panels will prevent pigeons from landing there and make it very uncomfortable for them if they make any attempt to squeeze under a panel.

Be aware that they can be a bit of an ugly eyesore so we recommend getting spikes that match the colour of your roof so that they blend in.

6. Pigeon Deterrents

There are a number of different pigeon deterrents available that you could try using on your solar panels. Here are a couple worth trying:

  • Bird decoys – get a large plastic imitation bird of prey such as a hawk, owl or falcon and fix it to your roof. Make sure it is well secured to prevent it from blowing away. Be aware that the effectiveness of a bird decoy will depend on how realistic it is and how confident your local pigeons are feeling!
  • Electronic pest chasers – These emit high-frequency sounds that the human ear can’t hear but that pigeons hate. Set this up within earshot of your roof and the noise should deter pigeons from roosting there.
  • Pigeon repellent gel – There’s nothing particularly nasty about this gel except that pigeons don’t like the feel of it because it’s sticky and makes them feel trapped, something that they are afraid of. Simply cover your roof with it underneath your panels and it will make pigeons unlikely to roost there. Be aware it will need to be reapplied periodically to remain effective.

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7. Keep The Panels Clean

Keeping on top of solar panel maintenance by regularly cleaning them will not only make your panels work more efficiently and extend their lifespan but will also make them less attractive to pigeons.

8. Keep Your Garden/Yard/Driveway Clean

pigeon sat on solar panel

Pigeons like to make their home close to areas where food is plentiful.

Ensuring that food is scarce around your home will make pigeons less likely to choose your solar panels as a good roosting spot.

Make sure that rubbish is secured, and tightly sealed in a bin.

Don’t leave bags out as birds or vermin may break through the liner if they smell something good.

If you have any pets ensure that their food is cleaned up and kept out of the garden.

Pigeons enjoy eating guineapig or rabbit food so if you keep either of these then try and keep them indoors to deter pigeons.

You should also clear up loose twigs and leaves as pigeons will use these as nesting materials, if there are no easily available nesting materials in an area a pigeon is less likely to settle there.

Do Nesting Pigeons Return?

Yes, pigeons are well known for their homing abilities.

Once they have found a good spot to nest in they will return to it every nesting season unless you make it impossible for them.

This is why simply removing a pigeon’s nest is not sufficient to solve your pigeon problem as they will come back and rebuild it sooner or later.

More permanent solutions that make access impossible are required.

How Much Damage Can Pigeons Cause To Solar Panels?

In short, pigeons can significantly damage solar panels and seriously impede their ability to function optimally or even at all!

Pigeon poop can cause numerous issues:

  • It blocks the sun making your panels less efficient over time.
  • It cooks onto the panel causing panel damage & discoloration.
  • Pigeon poop is extremely acidic so over time can also burn through wiring.

Pigeons will actively damage panels themselves:

  • By pecking at panels.
  • By pulling wiring.

The presence of pigeons can also encourage other pests:

  • Insects from pigeons’ nests may find their way into your home.
  • The smell can attract rats & mice and other creatures onto your roof.


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