How To Keep Pigeons Away: 8 Methods

Pigeons can cause problems whether it’s pooping all over your property, nesting under your solar panels or scavenging in your rubbish bins.

Thankfully there are plenty of methods and deterrents you can use to keep them away, here are 7 of the most effective methods:

1. Netting

You can use netting over your flowerbeds and vegetable patches to deter them from nicking the seeds and fruits and causing other damage.

pigeon net

It’s an option but may look unsightly and does nothing for the aesthetics for the rest of your property.

2. Scarecrows

There is the option of scarecrows and decoys.

Scarecrows are easy to make, but unfortunately, pigeons are smart birds. Seeing a scarecrow may warn them off once or twice.

scarecrows can be used for deterring pigeons

Pigeons are persistent and may observe the scarecrow from a distance.

Noting that the scary person standing in your yard doesn’t move, they will conclude that it isn’t a danger to them and return.

What you need is one that moves, on a swivel, or at least the clothes you dress it in flaps about to give the illusion of movement.

Fine on windy days, but when it’s calm? Better to get one that plugs in with a motor that keeps it moving.

3. Decoys

You can buy these at pet accessory stores.

They come in the guises of all the dreaded predators of pigeons, namely falcons and hawks of all kinds, owls, and even snakes.

an owl decoy

They aren’t particularly convincing to humans, but they can deter pigeons.

However you will probably have the same problems with decoys as you do with scarecrows.

If they don’t move or look animated, the pigeons figure out, quite correctly, that they aren’t a danger.

4. Water

Water deterrents work in a similar way to a sprinkler system. Like sprinklers, they can be programmed.

These rotate and squirt water at regular intervals.

All you have to do is position them to cover the favorite perches of the pigeons.

Although pigeons aren’t averse to water, getting a jet in the face at regular intervals is enough to put them off hanging around.

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5. Sound

Audio deterrents are another solution. Like the water option, it’s a bit high tech.

Sudden, loud noises at random will certainly scare those pigeons away.

This is a fine solution if no one’s around the house all day or your neighbors are deaf.

This is bound to be just as annoying to humans as it is to pigeons.

6. Electrical

Electrical wires or fencing can prove efficient.

On contact, the pigeon receives a mild electrical shock.

electric wires

It’s not enough to kill or harm it, but enough to give the bird an unpleasant shock and scare it off.

The trick with using these wires or mesh is not only to put them in the places where the pigeons congregate but make sure that there aren’t any other alternate roosting places.

7. Use Pigeon Birth Control

Pigeon birth control is one of the most effective long term methods of getting rid of pigeons.

OvoControl uses a chemical called nicarbazin which causes infertility meaning that any eggs hatched will not develop.

Over a two-year period, 5 mating pairs of pigeons can produce as many as 400 pigeons if the environment can support them, so birth control is far more effective than killing or scaring pigeons away.

8. Low Tech

More low tech but a tried and true remedy, is stringing together shiny objects and hanging them around obvious perching points to act like wind chimes.

You can use old CDs, bits of glass and shiny metal.

light on CDs may help deter pigeons

The flash of sunlight on these objects will scare off the pigeons.

Alternatively, you can place plastic or metal spikes and repellent gel, all of which are easily purchased.

9. Call-In The Pigeon Control Specialists

If you’ve tried everything in our list and the pigeons are still as prevalent as ever then it is worth getting professional help.

If you’ve got a serious pigeon problem the best solution is to get professional help, click the relevant image below (U.S or UK) to find a pigeon control specialist near you:


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