Why Do Pigeons Poop So Much?

Pigeons poop so much because of their very high metabolic rate.

Basically, pigeons eat a lot.

In actual fact, pigeons eat almost continually.

why do pigeons poop so much

Their stomachs are tiny and don’t have the physical room inside their bodies to store up the waste that results after their feed has had all the nutrients sucked out of it.

Unlike us humans, pigeons can’t store up fecal matter and release it just once or twice per day.

Also pigeons don’t have separate functions or organs for urinating.

Urine is expelled along with fecal matter.

Because of their fast metabolic rates they digest food very rapidly and need to get rid of the waste as fast as possible.

It’s like a straight-through exhaust on a car.

Theories Why They Poop So Much

pigeon pooping

Two other theories as to why pigeons defecate so much have been put forward, but they aren’t very plausible.

On theory suggests that it is a weight vs flight ratio

Put simply, pigeons don’t weigh very much and the less bodyweight that they carry makes it easier for them to take off and fly, this may also be one of the reasons why pigeons don’t poop while flying.

The other theory is even more off the wall.

This is about the amount that they actually poop in one go, not the number of times they do. It claims that pigeons defecate hugely in the morning because they don’t do it at night.

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The theory is that because we see relatively large mounds of pigeon poop because of their morning evacuations, we think that they are pooping a lot.

That doesn’t account for the fact that pigeons defecate the whole day.

Pigeons tend to roost together in numbers and defecate where they stand, so the evidence is there to see, but that isn’t an explanation.

In Conclusion

People may ask this all-important question because there are so very many of them and let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to recognize pigeons as opposed to other birds.

Those that live in the cities feel as if they are surrounded by them, which they are.

Unfortunately, pigeons aren’t any different from any other birds in this respect, but there’s no justice in this world and so pigeons take the rap for all the rest.

Fortunately, pigeons obviously don’t care about our concerns of why, where and how they poop.

Our concerns are beneath them.


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