How to Get Rid of Pigeons from Trees

If you have a garden with trees, then at some point you will probably have problems with pigeons.

If you want to keep pigeons out of your garden then the key is to keep them out of your trees, below are 6 ways to do this.

If you’ve got a serious pigeon problem the best solution is to get professional help, click the relevant image below (U.S or UK) to find a pigeon control specialist near you:

1. Prune Your Trees

Pigeons will have their favourite branches on a tree, if you chop these off they are far less likely to visit.

pigeon in tree

We do recommend you get a tree surgeon to do this though just to be safe!

2. Install Netting

Netting is good for and is normally used for protecting your flowers and plants, but more difficult when using on trees.

Not only is it difficult to place and secure, but it can remove the beauty of your trees.

pigeon net

Using netting as a temporary measure may serve you well. Having no access to the trees and their favorite perches, the pigeons may go away to try their luck elsewhere.

Once they are gone you can take it down and cross your fingers the pigeons find a new place to call home.

3. Use A Decoys

Decoys are replicas of birds of prey and other predators.

Pigeons are smart birds, they will soon understand that there’s no danger from them if they don’t move or attack.

an owl decoy

So, what you have to do is buy several different ones and keep changing their positions among your trees.

4. Try Pigeon Repellent Gels

Pigeon repellent gels work very well, although you have to reapply them every so often.

They work in two ways. The gooey and sticky substance gives the pigeons an ‘icky’ feeling in their feet when stepping on it, the same as you would feel if you trod on a sticky floor in bare feet.

pigeon on roof

The glutinous substance makes them feel as if they are going to be glued to the surface.

Many of these repellent gels also release unpleasant smells that pigeons detest when squashed under their feet.

These come either in tubes that can be applied using a caulking or silicon gun or as trays.

Pigeons seem to be sensitive to a range of odours that they find offensive. S

ome repellents can be made by using household products. Coating your trees with these products or mixtures, which are harmless to your trees, may be your best solution.

5. Try Wind Chimes

Hanging wind chimes among the branches of your trees has the effect of scaring away pigeons.

Hang them over or around their favorite perches.

wind chime

Their movement and sound will irritate the birds and make them nervous. On the same theme, you can easily string up shiny and reflective bits and bobs on your trees.

Reflective tape, bits of tin foil, old CDs or glass can all be strung on a line through the branches.

Their movement, flash and sparkle in the sunlight will help keep pigeons away.

6. Use Spikes and Shocks

Spike clusters will keep pigeons from landing in your trees if installed on their favored branches.

bird spikes

Spikes are very effective obstacles. They won’t impale the pigeons because they veer off when spotted.

7. Use Audio

Audio devices, like recorded bird distress cries or noisemakers, are effective too.

Even a simple portable radio, left playing under your trees can make a difference.

a radio

There are devices that send out ultrasonic waves too. Undetectable by human ears, they cause distress in pigeons, if you are willing to go for the more expensive options.

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