9 Pigeon Based Pokemon

The Pokemon world is vast, beautiful and filled with creatures inspired by species we see in our day-to-day lives.

Have you ever noticed all of the pigeon-inspired pokemon?

They are found in many variations across the Pokemon world. 

pokemon pigeons

Some of the Pigeon-like Pokemon are friendly, peaceful and are found in flocks, some can fly across vast distances to return to their nest and some are territorial and aggressive.

Does any of this sound familiar? Take a look and see if you recognize any characteristics of pigeons in the Pokemon listed below. 

This is a complete list of all the Pokemon that seem to have pigeon-inspired origins. This includes Pokemon that show a blend of pigeon/ bird characteristics combined with something else. 

Pigeon-Like Pokemon 

These are the most pigeon-like Pokemon across the Pokemon world. These are the ones that have been largely inspired by pigeon and doves and you can see this inspiration within their appearance and skills. 

1. Pidove 

Pokedex Number #519 

The list of pigeon Pokemon has to start with Pidove, known as the “Tiny Pigeon Pokemon”. This is a grey pokemon with golden eyes and a tuft of feathers on the top of its head. It has a short black beak with a pink cere at the base of the upper beak. 

This is not the most intelligent Pokemon and sometimes it doesn’t understand commands or it simply forgets them and waits for another command. Pidove are friendly and love people. Just as pigeons can be found in flocks in parks, so can Pidove. Pidove can fly and one of its main abilities is pecking. 

A Pidove evolves into Tranquill which then evolves into an Unfezant. 

2. Tranquill 


Pokedex Number #520 

This is the evolved version of a Pidove. It is very similar in appearance but features a dark pink marking above its beak and eyes. It also has two feathers on its head and its wings are black-tipped. 

Tranquill is known as the “Wild Pigeon Pokemon” and is a peaceful pokemon that lives in the forests. A Tranquill is able to return to their trainer no matter how far the distance is between them. 

3. Unfezant 


Pokedex Number #521

The Unfezant looks like a blend between a large pigeon and a pheasant. It is known as the “Proud Pokemon” and features dark stripes on their tail feathers. It also has a coloured underside with speckling up to its chest. 

There are a couple of differences between the male and female Unfezant. The male Unfezant has a green underside while the female has a brown underside. The male also has a pink wattle that is seen around its eyes and has long growths that extend past its shoulders. 

The female is better at flying and the male will threaten opponents by swinging its head plumage. 

4. Pidgey 


Pokedex Number #016 

The “Tiny Bird Pokemon”, Pidgey is a small bird that is brown and cream in colour. Pidgey’s skills include a brilliant sense of direction and the ability to travel back to its nest no matter how far away it has flown. Even though it looks more like a sparrow than a pigeon, it reminds us of a homing pigeon.

Pidgey is a gentle Pokemon that would rather flee than fight. It is able to use its gust power to create tornadoes to protect itself. Pidgey is a common creature that is the easiest to capture of all the Flying Pokemon. 

5. Pidgeotto 


Pokedex Number #017 

Pidgeotto is known as the “Bird Pokemon”, despite its name it resembles a bird of prey more than a pigeon. We have included Pidgeotto in this list as it evolves from a Pidgey. It has sharp talons and large flight feathers as well as a crest of reddish feathers on its head. 

Pidgeotto is excellent at flying, has great eyesight and is strong. It is able to catch prey and carry it for a number of miles back to its nest.

This is a territorial bird that is usually found in forests. This bird is much more aggressive than the Pidgey which has a reputation for being gentle. 

6. Pidgeot 

Pokedex Number #018 

Pidgeot is the final evolution of Pidgey and evolves from Pidgeotto. This Pokemon continues to move away from a pigeon appearance and has large wings, a hooked beak and sharp talons giving it a raptor-like look. 

It is a powerful Pokemon that is able to fly faster than the speed of sound and can intimidate its prey by spreading its wings. Pidgeot also has a Mega Evolution which is even larger and stronger. The Mega Pidgeot is able to fly for two weeks without rest.

7. Starly 


Pokedex Number #396

Starly is a cute bird that is effective in combat. It is known as the “Starling Pokemon” and has a grey-brown plumage with white face markings.

Starly is able to flap its wings powerfully and lives in large flocks as a form of protection. If a Starly is alone it is usually weak and hard to notice.

This Pokemon has a loud and annoying song and its cry is harsh too. 

8. Staravia 

Pokedex Number #397

Staravia evolves from a Starly, it is black and white with a long tuft of black feathers on its head. It lives in flocks and hunts bugs in forests and fields. If a Stravia is alone it will cry noisily. When flocks of Staravia meet they will squabble over territory. 

9. Staraptor 


Pokedex Number #398

The final evolution of Starly is a Staraptor which is known as the “Predator Pokemon”. This bird looks similar to a raptor and has large talons and big wings. This Pokemon evolution moves away from its dove-like roots. 

It is an aggressive Pokemon that isn’t afraid to challenge larger enemies. Unlike Starly and Staravia, Staraptor prefers to be alone rather than in flocks.

They are strong and can easily continue to fly when holding prey in their talons. 

Other Pokemon That Resemble Common Birds

We feel these are the only 9 pigeon-like Pokemon.

There are over 80 bird Pokemon in total and many of these resemble a range of species.

The remaining birds on this list aren’t pigeons, but there is a good chance you’ll recognize them as they have been inspired by other common birds.

Maybe you’ll spot some similarities with pigeons we didn’t see!

1. Fletchling 


Pokedex Number #661

Fletchling is the “Tiny Robin Pokemon”. It is grey with a red head and black and white tail feathers. This small Pokemon has a beautiful song and is friendly but can be ferocious and unrelenting in battle. 

The Fletchling is always warm and its temperature can spike when it is excited. If you touch a Fletchling it may burn you.

2. Fletchinder 

Pokedex Number #662

A Fletchinder is known as the “Ember Pokemon”. It is a fire/ flying Pokemon that looks like a fierce robin. 

While the Fletchling has a warm body, the evolved Fletchinder can actually expel embers and set fire to grass. These are solitary Pokemon that are very territorial and aggressive. 

3. Talonflame 


Pokedex Number #663

The final evolution of the Fletchling is a Talonflame. This is known as the “Scorching Pokemon”. The Talonflame is less like a robin in appearance and more like a raptor. 

It is a fast-flying Pokemon that has a powerful kick that can finish off its prey. This Pokemon scatters embers from its feathers when it flies and it tends to prey on other Bird Pokemon. 

4. Taillow 

Pokedex Number #276

Taillow is the “Tiny Swallow Pokemon”, it is small in size with blue feathers and a red face and chest. It has elongated wings and long pointed tail feathers just like a swallow. 

Despite being small in size the Taillow is courageous and will stand its ground against enemies. These birds like warmth and will migrate to search for warmer climates. 

5. Swellow 


Pokedex Number #277

A Swellow is the evolved version of the Taillow. It is larger and stronger but has the characteristic blue colour, red face and long tail feathers of a swallow. 

A Swellow is able to dive-bomb its enemies and never misses. These birds fly high and like to take good care of their glossy wings.  

6. Pikipek 

Pokedex Number #731

A Pikipek is known as the “Woodpecker Pokemon”. It is a white, black and red Pokemon that has blue eyes and a sharp beak. Pikipek is able to peck 16 times per second and can drill through wood and shatter stone. 

Just like a woodpecker, Pikipek drills holes in trees. The noise of the pecking can be used as a form of communication and you can get an idea of its mood by the rhythm of pecking. 

7. Murkrow 

Pokedex Number #198

Murkrow is known as the “Darkness Pokemon”, it has black feathers and feathery tufts on its head that look like a witches hat.

It seems to be inspired by a crow.

This Pokemon is attracted to sparkly items and it has a thieving nature. Murkrow is feared in the Pokemon world as they are believed to bring bad luck. 

8. Hoothoot 


Pokedex Number #163

As you have probably guessed, Hoothoot is known as the “Owl Pokemon”. It is a round Pokemon with large eyes and a small beak. 

Hoothoot stands on one foot and has a perfect sense of time which is why some trainers use them as clocks. This owl-like Pokemon is considered to be a wise friend.

9. Noctowl 


Pokedex Number #164

Noctowl evolves from Hoothoot, it still resembles an owl with its shape and eyes. This is a nocturnal Pokemon and has excellent eyesight. It can fly silently and can catch prey with ease. It can see in the dark and can rotate its head 180 degrees. 

10. Ducklett 


Pokedex Number #580

Ducklett is the “Water Bird Pokemon” and is a duckling-like pokemon that lives in ponds and rivers. It uses its feathers to splash water so it can escape attacks and it is better at swimming than it is at flying. 

This Pokemon can dive underwater and seems to be based on a duckling or cygnet and may be inspired by The Ugly Duckling as it eventually evolves into Swanna. 

11. Swanna 


Pokedex Number #581

Swanna is a swan-like Pokemon known as the “White Bird Pokemon”. It evolves from a Ducklett and is all white with a yellow beak. Swanna is elegant and can fly for thousands of miles thanks to its strong wings. They also dance at dusk. 

12. Wingull 


Pokedex Number #278

Wingull is the “Seagull Pokemon” and is white with a yellow and black beak. Wingull is able to glide on ocean winds and will nest on sea cliffs.

These Pokemon circle above oceans looking for fish and they are able to carry food and valuable items in their beaks. 

13. Cramorant 


Pokedex Number #845

The cramorant Pokemon looks like a cormorant and seems to be partially inspired by a fulmar too. It has a large yellow beak and holds its wings out in an extended position. 

The Cramorant is able to swallow its prey whole. It is a strong but unintelligent creature that sometimes forgets which Pokemon they are fighting in battle.

14. Rookidee 

Pokedex Number #821

The Rookidee seems to be inspired by a combination of rooks and blue tits. It is a small, dark blue bird with a yellow chest. The Rookidee is territorial and can be quite feisty. It is brave and gets stronger from every battle. 

15. Corvisquire 

Pokedex Number #822

Rookidee evolves into a Corvisquire. This is the “Raven Pokemon” and is a dark-coloured, intelligent bird. It is crow-like and can use tools in battle. It can eventually learn to accurately judge the strength of an opponent and will evolve into a Corviknight.

16. Corviknight 


Pokedex Number #823

Corviknight seems to be inspired by the raven, crow and jackdaw. It is large in size and looks like a raven with its black colour. This is one of the strongest bird Pokemons and is able to scare off challengers. 

The Corviknight is intelligent and has excellent flying skills. It has feathers on its back that can be used as weapons. 

Bonus Bird-Inspired Pokemon 

As we bring this list to an end, here are 2 bird-like Pokemon to bring a smile to your face.

We wondered if the Delibird could have been likened to a homing or messenger pigeon but actually, it seems to be more of a penguin combined with a stork.

1. Delibird 


Pokedex Number #225

Delibird is known as the “Delivery Pokemon” and is known for sharing food with travellers/ Pokemon in need. It is an ice/ flying Pokemon and has a penguin-like appearance. 

This bird is able to carry items in its tail and can give these items as presents. Some presents heal while others can explode.

Delibird lives in the mountains including Mt. Everest. 

2. Farfetch’d 


Pokedex Number #083

This is the “Wild Duck Pokemon”. It is a light brown bird and has webbed feet, a white underbelly and a V-shaped marking on its face. 

This Pokemon is always holding a leek (or spring onion) and can use the leek to build a nest and can also use it as if it is a sword to defend itself.

Farfetch’d lives in grasslands and is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon.

In Summary

That’s it for our pigeon-like and bird-inspired Pokemon list.

There is such a versatile collection of bird Pokemon and we were thrilled to see a selection of them resembling pigeons in their appearance and characteristics.  

Do you think there are any pigeon-inspired Pokemon that we missed?



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