The Robot Pigeon: What and Why?

The robot pigeon, also known as the pigeon drone, is allegedly a surveillance system that can gather your data without you knowing.

The pigeon drone will walk, bob its head, squawk, and fly like an ordinary pigeon that you see in your garden.

The pigeon robot has everything you need to spy on someone fitted inside its small pigeon-like body.

robot pigeons

The pigeon drone has an inductive charging coil that is fitted into the foot.

This is a magnetic charging tool that enables the drone to recharge from electricity pylon wires.

 The main components of the pigeon bot are:

  • The camera that is built in its eye that will record everything it sees
  • Wireless antenna that is used as a transducer that transforms electrical energy into electromagnetic like radio waves
  • An ultra-lightweight rechargeable battery
  • The pigeon drone has a CPU chip (central processing unit) placed inside it, so it can be used to encode biotech, and can be controlled by using impulse power
  • A wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Several high-powered microphones that allow the pigeon to record everything it stands near
  • A speaker that will allow the person controlling the pigeon bot to speak to you if they wish
  • A Wifi Interceptor was added in 2020. This device makes it so much easier to get your private data, and hack into your network

These are just a few things that your standard pigeon drone has, though the features really depend upon the type of drone you wish to buy.

They are made with fiberglass and plastic interiors, which means they are durable in the weather but are not strong and resilient.

If you were thinking these things were like Terminator robotic creatures, then think again.

An Age-Old Idea

The robot pigeon may sound a little “Out there” but it was based on the success of the robot dog invented by Sony in 1999.

The notion that a robot could act like an animal, be it a pet or wildlife, is becoming more widely accepted.

Now that we have the technology to create both large and small animals, it is actually becoming increasingly easy to create robotic birds.

The great thing is that the device can house several CPU cores, which means it can process things like recording, signal hijacking, and decoding, all while maintaining its action routines.

While it bobs its head and walks like a pigeon, it may be listening to your phone calls or checking out your search history.

It’s as smart as a pigeon!

You Have Your Smartphone to Thank

One of the biggest things holding back the development of robot birds and micro drones is power.  

For something to move and/or to fly, it needs a lot of power.

However, batteries are very heavy, or at least they were until the Smartphone boom.

Over the course of the last decade, and thanks to billions of dollars of investment, we now have ultra-light hyper-powerful batteries.

Plus, thanks to the advent of precision machining and 3D printing, we have plastic and fiberglass parts that are very light. The fact they are so light means less power is needed.

Smartphones can condense massive amounts of technology into lightweight handheld devices. It wasn’t a great leap forward to take that same technology and re-purpose it for a bird-shaped drone.

They Look Real

The fact that these birds are drones is actually a mark of pure genius.

If you stand a stuffed bird, a robot bird, and a real pigeon beside each other and then take a photo, it is almost impossible to tell them apart.

As “Norman” says in the 1960 movie “Psycho,” a bird’s eyes already look lifeless.

When a bird drone is stood still, or when it is mixed in with a crowd, it looks just like all the others. They are almost impossible to pick out from a crowd.

If you don’t think bird drones look real, then take a look at the one the CIA flew onto the podium during Burnie Sander’s 2016 Portland rally. ]

It seemed to convince plenty of people, when these days, you can buy them in packs of ten on the dark web.

Denise Bereford

Denise Bereford is a full-time writer and researcher with a long-standing passion for pigeons.

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