Seagull Pigeon Hybrids: Do They Exist + All You Need To Know

Lamentably no, the Seagull Pigeon Hybrid doesn’t exist.

The two species are too far removed to be able to cross-breed successfully.

Where Did The Seagull Pigeon Hybrid Come From?

There are probably a lot of explanations as to where the silly idea of a Seagull Pigeon Hybrid came from.

Larger seagulls have been known to breed rather prolifically with other larger gulls, which has, in turn, created some interesting (mule breeding) variations. Some of these may have looked like pigeons.

There is also the fact that some wet water birds can look a little like pigeons, and many of them are happy to wander in and around flocks of pigeons when there is food being handed out.

pigeon seagull hybrid

There are also various southern hemisphere birds with names that in their native tongue mean pigeon, which may have caused some confusion.

In the northern hemisphere, the seagull that looks most like a pigeon is the First Winter Thayer’s Iceland gull.

In fact, if it is standing in a way that means you can’t see its feet, then it looks very similar to a wide number of speckled pigeon species.

Mule Breeding

There is something called “Mule” breeding where two similar species can create sterile offspring, with the classic example being the mule (a cross between a horse and a donkey).

Hybrid animals have been around for years and there are more examples than you might realize.

However, the traditional laws of breeding say that only certain creatures can breed, and as life moves forwards, some creatures of the same origin will break away and are unable to mate with each other.

That is why humans and other apes cannot interbreed.

It is why a dolphin cannot breed with a whale.

The idea that somewhere there are a number of seagulls and pigeons who have bred points to the only logical conclusion that the rules on inter-breeding are clearly very wrong.

It means that even very different species are able to breed in some circumstances.

If this is the case, then modern theories on inter-species breeding are wildly incorrect, as we can only assume that this type of cross-species breeding is far more common than history shows.

In reality, however, pigeon and seagull species are so different that they can’t even “Mule” breed to create an interesting cross.

Why Are People Seeing Seagull Pigeon Hybrids?

They are not, they are seeing fancy pigeons.

Take a look at the many fancy pigeon varieties, and you will discover there is a massive number.

What’s more, those are just the recorded ones that you see on the internet.

There is also a massive number of further pigeon cross breeds where fancy pigeons mix with fancy pigeons.

pigeons vs seagulls

Occasionally, these pigeons may have similar characteristics to sea birds and waterfowl, which has perhaps led some people to believe they are seeing a Seagull Pigeon Hybrid.

We should also take into account the fact that baby pigeons and various types of baby seagull have a very similar appearance.

An inexperienced viewer may assume a nest is full of pigeons, only to see them mature into seagulls.

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What About the Swimming Pigeon Memes?

In most cases, you have to ask yourself what is real and what is not.

Is this actually a pigeon that is swimming on the water, or is there something else going on?

The sad fact is that when a pigeon is attacked by a cat, it will often jump into the water to escape.

can pigeons swim

Since it is injured, it cannot get out.

It also doesn’t have webbed feet, so it cannot propel itself.

In truth, when you see a pigeon floating in a pond, it is probably injured, and it is certainly stranded.

When a pigeon is cold, it will fluff up its feathers to keep itself warm.

This is what happens when it hits water, and its feather fluffing, along with its wide-body, means it can float for quite a while before drowning.

In fact, if it is not subjected to rain, mud, or oil, it can float for hours, stranded in the water.

English Pouter Hybrids

There is a breed of pigeon called the English Pouter that has very long legs and bears a mild resemblance to seagulls.

English Pouter Pigeons can bear a (slight) passing resemblance to seagulls when in flight.

When these are bred with other pigeons, more common pigeons, then their offspring can have both the colors of seagulls and their bodies bear a mild similarity.

This is just another way that people may have mistaken a pigeon breed for some sort of Seagull Pigeon Hybrid.

The Genetics Don’t Match Up

In the end, it is genetics that determines if two birds can successfully mate and create a new type of bird.

The “Mule” variety of breeding has been known to occur in some shore birds, and if they can breed a lion and tiger to create a “Liger,” then who knows what is possible.

Lion x Tiger = Liger

However, when it comes to the species of seagull and pigeon, they are genetically too different.

It would be like trying to breed a dolphin with a shark. It may seem like it would work, but it simply won’t.

Despite countless TikTok videos to the contrary, the same is also true of pigeons and chickens, parrots and pigeons, and most other fake hybrid birds!

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