What Attracts Pigeons?

Apart from pigeons of the opposite gender, pigeons are attracted to food and shelter.

It is also said that pigeons can also be attracted to people.

They can remember people that are kind to them.

Usually, that means people who feed them.

Of course, being wild animals, one of their greatest concerns is safety. So, places where they feel secure are important and will attract pigeons.

1. Shelter                  

shelter attracts pigeons

That is probably why pigeons are seen clustered around our old and ornate buildings within our inner cities.

The old architectural styles provide places where it is safe to roost or nest.

Ledges, overhangs, recesses, gargoyles, statues and even solar panels can all provide shelter from the elements.

Hard to get to corners and cracks offer secure and hidden nesting sites in which to hatch and raise their young.

2. Food

food attracts pigeons

Pigeons’ other major preoccupation is alimentation.

Pigeons are always on the lookout for food.

If you wish to attract pigeons, then lay out seeds, grains, and water.

If you are wondering why pigeons find your backyard or your building attractive, it is probably because you have some or all of the essentials that pigeons seek.

Woodland pigeons nest and roost in trees and bushes.

3. Your Garden

Your garden probably has enough of both and it may also be surrounded by a fence, which is added protection.

Your garden may be full of seed bearing flowers, which is always a draw.

If you are a bird lover, then you are already putting out bird feed for whatever species of birds that inhabit the area and pigeons will take advantage of that. 

Bird feeders will attract pigeons just as well as other birds. Providing clean water will also attract them.

Maybe it is your house itself that attracts them.

Pigeons are known to make their nests under the eaves of houses and elsewhere around property.

Some of the older properties are a wonderland for pigeons looking for shelter and security.

4. Survival

 As mentioned above, the old historical buildings are constantly used by pigeons, the more modern buildings also attract pigeons.

Although much plainer in design, most of them have the advantage of great height.

This offers more protection against climbing predators and also a high vantage point from where they can survey the surrounding area.

5. Friendliness

Pigeons are attracted to human activity.

It is probably true that feral pigeons were first attracted to human settlements by the prospect of easy pickings, but over the ages the relationship has become constant, despite the changing attitudes of each era towards pigeons.


Dan has been fascinated with pigeons since his youth when he used to feed them breadcrumbs at the local park. With a background in SEO Dan noticed a few years ago that there were very few websites around dedicated to his favorite bird so he set out to change that by starting Pigeonpedia.

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