Pigeon Chat: The Best Places To Go To Talk Pigeons

pigeon chat

If you’re a pigeon fancier, you race pigeons or you have a pet pigeon it is natural to want to talk pigeons.

Pigeon keeping is a relatively rare hobby (relative to the number of people who have a cat or dog) so it can be hard to find people to chat about pigeons with.

Below are 4 of the best places to go online to discuss all things pigeons:

1. Pigeon.biz

Pigeon.biz is a forum for pigeon owners and enthusiasts. Whether you’re new to pigeons or are a seasoned pigeon racer you will find like mind people here to chat pigeons with.

With threads on absolutely everything including breeding, shows, racing, performance, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care, ads, and much more.

Pigeon.biz is a very active community with people posting on there from around the world there is a constant stream of pigeon discussions.

2. Pigeon-Chat.co.uk

Pigeon-chat.co.uk is another dedicated pigeon forum.

It’s primary purpose os to faciliatate chat about pigeon racing however even if you have no intention of ever racing your pigeon you will find plenty of threads to get involved in here.

Despite being a .co.uk site it is not just for UK-based pigeon fanciers with people from across the globe discussing pigeon there every hour of every day.

3. Pigeon Related Facebook Groups

The classic web forum has been on the decline over the last decade or so, in part because of the growth of platforms such as Facebook which faciliate the sort of discussions that used to take place on forums.

There are hundreds of pigeon related facebook groups online, with many local pigeon racing groups too.

Logon to Facebook and search for ‘your area pigeons’ and you may well find a local pigeon group to join.

Some other pigeon groups worth joining include:

Pigeon Racing Chat Facebook Group

With over 13,000 members the Pigeon Racing Chat group is a firm favourite for pigeon racers across the globe.

The group was setup to talk about pigeon racing and pigeon keeping. It is a child-friendly group with an active and passionate community.

Pigeons Facebook Group

With over 105,000 members this is the biggest pigeon related Facebook group.

The simply named Pigeons Facebook group is the biggest active pigeon community anywhere on the internet!

It is packed full of pigeon photos and videos, pigeons for sale and much more.

For The Love Of Pigeons and Doves

This Facebook Group is for anyone and everyone who appreciates pigeons and doves.

It is a light-hearted and friendly group that welcomes photos and anecdotes relating to pigeons.

4. Reddit

Reddit is effectively a forum of forums.

The site is divided into thousands and thousands of groups known as subreddits.

Of course there are several about pigeons.

/r/pigeons is a great place to talk pigeons, the group is for talk about competitive pigeon keeping including flying, showing and breeding, though you can also find plenty of general pigeon appreciation posts.

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