Strasser Pigeon: Breed Guide

The Strasser pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon currently used for two main purposes, as an exhibition bird and squab production for food (especially across the Asian continent).

a strasser pigeon on green background

Origins of the Strasser Pigeon

Though there are some who believe that the origins of the Strasser pigeon can be traced to Austria or Mahren in Czechoslovakia, the general consensus is that its origin is in Germany.

The Strasser pigeon gets its name from the famous German pigeon fancier and geneticist Baron Franz Strasser, who is credited with having made an enormous contribution to the world of pigeon breeding and pigeon genetics.

strasser pigeon head close up

The Strasser was developed as a utility breed from cropper, Florentine, and field pigeon crosses during 1875 with an emphasis on producing large, meaty birds.

Distribution And Habitat of the Strasser Pigeon

Although the Strasser pigeon’s roots are European, the breed can now be found in domestic settings all over the world.

They are tolerant of most climates.

Strasser Pigeon Appearance

Strasser Pigeon70 – 75 cm65-75 cm700-750 gWhite with bars or checks of black, blue, red or yellow
Average Feral Pigeon64 – 72 cm32 – 37 cm300 – 500 gBluish grey with some black

The Strasser pigeon is a medium to large-sized breed of pigeon with a cute and innocent expression.

It stands tall and has a sturdy well built, broad body that wedges towards the tail.

The body is comparatively short in length and ideally (for breed standards), the width to length ratio of the bird must be approximately 1 to 2.

a strasser pigeon

The breed has a plain, short, triangular head with prominent frontal, red eyes and narrow, flesh-colored cere. It is a clean-legged pigeon with straight-toed wiry feet, wide wings and a long, wide full tail.  

Sharing similar features of the Modena pigeon including coloring patterns, the body of the Strasser pigeon is almost always white, with color variations on the head, neck and wings.

These areas may be black lace, blue, blue barred, black or white barred, lark, blue checkered, red or yellow. There is plenty of variation!

The Character of the Strasser Pigeon

Known for being a very friendly and calm breed with humans, the Strasser pigeon is a popular choice for breeders and pigeon fanciers.

They are also very easy to care for which makes them a good low-maintenance pet.

With other breeds, however, the Strasser tends to be a bit pugnacious. Stronger pigeons will also pick on weaker Strasser pigeons in the same pen.

This breed having been selectively developed initially as a food pigeon possesses average flying ability.

Diet of a Strasser Pigeon

Adding to their attraction for breeders and fanciers, a Strasser pigeon will happily follow a diet of what pigeons eat generally.

This means they enjoy a feed mix of cereals, grains and seeds.

Being a large breed, they do require a decent amount of food – two handfuls of food per pigeon is a good guide.

pigeons eating grain

They’ll happily tuck into a variety of fruit and vegetables an owner may provide to widen their diet and they are more than amenable to treats suitable for pigeons.

They also require plenty of fresh drinking water and grit for digestion purposes.

Strasser Pigeon Mating And Breeding

Strasser pigeons are extremely fertile. Females will generally lay two eggs per pregnancy, this can happen u,p to twelve times over the course of a year.

Though this can mean up to 24 healthy squabs per annual cycle, it is important to note that not all of the eggs are likely to hatch.

Even so, you can see that such fertility is one of the qualities that makes them so desirable as a food crop.

The mating and breeding process is something that, like diet, will be very much controlled by the breeder/owner.

Pairs will often be selected for breeding based on their desirable traits such as size, coloring and overall ideal health and temperament.

Taking Care Of Strasser Pigeons

Strasser pigeons are a very calm and friendly breed which makes them easy to take care of. They can be kept in a loft setting but they do prefer to be outside as much as possible during the day.

Very easy-going in nature, the Strasser pigeon does not require too much ‘special’ maintenance in order to be happy and thrive.

Though not great flyers they do enjoy to take flight so ensure you keep them in a loft with sufficient space for them to be able to stretch their wings.

It needs to be noted though that one of their key character traits is that they love to make a mess. The base of their loft needs to have a good covering of sawdust or hay/straw to absorb droppings.

a pigeon loft

One aspect of keeping Strasser pigeons is knowing that will have to clean the pigeon loft two or three times a week.

You should not allow droppings to build up (regardless of the breeds you keep) so knowing how to clean pigeon poop effectively is an important task for any owner.

Something else to note is that Strasser pigeons are sensitive to noise and light, so during the night, it is best to keep them in a dark room which will calm them down and help both you and your neighbors to get some peace in the quiet hours!

Strasser pigeons also love to bathe, so make sure that they always have access to a good amount of bathing water.

If you choose to raise Strasser pigeons as a pet or for exhibitions it is a rewarding experience. If you choose to farm them, do it right and you can earn a profit.

Denise Bereford

Denise Bereford is a full-time writer and researcher with a long-standing passion for pigeons.

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