Pigeon Appreciation Day: Everything You Need To Know

In this day and age, it seems as though every animal, vegetable, and mineral has its own dedicated day of celebration.

friends enjoying pigeons on pigeon appreciation day

Pigeons are no exception to that rule!

Pigeon Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on June 13th.  

Whilst perhaps not being one of the most prominent days in anybody’s year, it is nevertheless a fun date to add to your pigeon-themed calendar if you, like us, think that pigeons deserve some celebration and attention every now and then! 

Here are some of the crucial facts about Pigeon Appreciation Day.

What is Pigeon Appreciation Day?

Pigeon Appreciation Day is very much what one would expect.

It is a day in the year that has been singled out for the celebration of the humble pigeon. 

It is believed that this particular date was chosen to celebrate pigeons as it was the date on which the famous war pigeon Cher Ami died in 1919 after having helped save the lives of 194 soldiers in October of the previous year.

Pigeon lovers have the option to choose any form of commemoration that they choose in order to signify the day, as long as it stems from a place of love and affection for our special feathered friends.

When is Pigeon Appreciation Day?

Pigeon Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on June 13th.

more pigeons relaxing by the river

Though the date wasn’t chosen with any specific connection to the pigeon world, it has since become synonymous with pigeons of all kinds and keen bird lovers the globe over always make sure to mark the occasion in one way or another.

What can you do to celebrate Pigeon Appreciation Day?

There isn’t really a set quota or menu of things to do on Pigeon Appreciation Day.

The fun of the celebration is really about what kinds of activities and ideas each individual pigeon lover can come up with. 

Obviously, social media (check out our Facebook page) is a big platform for connecting the pigeon community this decade, and you can expect to see lots of pictures, videos, and links shared to spread the word and full people’s timelines with fun pigeon related content on the day. 

You already know how special pigeons are, so use Pigeon Appreciation Day to let all of your social networking friends see that as well!

Here are a few ideas of how to show your love for pigeons:

  • Put out some wild bird seed in a place you know pigeons love to congregate – it doesn’t matter if you’re in the town or country.
  • Scatter some beautiful raw sunflower seeds –  it’s one of their favorite foods.
  • Share a picture of your favorite pigeon on your social media
  • Tweet everyone you know to tell them it is Pigeon Appreciation Day
  • Donate to your local animal hospital that treats wildlife or donate to a national bird charity
  • Spend the day at a bird sanctuary – you might not see pigeons but you’ll be in kinship with feathered friends.
  • Check if there are any local events – look for listings of pigeon clubs
pigeons eating seed

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Is there a serious side to Pigeon Appreciation Day?

Whilst many people will have lots of fun doing sharing pigeon related content online on June 13th, there definitely is a more serious side to the day. 

The unfortunate truth is that in urban cities, pigeons are among the most mistreated and disrespected bird species.

From barbed wire on their resting spots to people regarding them as purely pests trying to steal food and making a mess, pigeons have a really unjustified negative reputation

In this sense, many pigeon lovers use Pigeon Appreciation Day to try to make people see that they are in fact intelligent, sensitive birds that deserve the same amount of care and respect as any other more ‘popular’ species.

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