Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon: Breed Guide

The Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeon is a breed of domesticated fancy pigeon produced by a long process of selective breeding by dedicated fanciers over the years.

Known as the Aachner Lacksbildmovchen in German-speaking places, it is a small breed and is mostly kept for exhibition purposes.

It has one of the most convoluted naming processes in pigeon breed history.

Origins of the Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon

This breed originated in Germany. Few details are known but sources suggest that these birds date to as far back as before 1765.

Records are always confused when a particular breed is assigned various names before one sticks.

Aachen Lacquer Owl Pigeon

The waters are even muddier from the aspect of origin because some people believe it looks more like turbit pigeons while others agree it is an owl pigeon.

If you compare pictures, there does seem to be a greater resemblance to turbits and other breeds where turbits have been used in selective/cross-breeding, such as the Antwerp Smerle.

The various names that have been afforded this breed by German and French writers:

  • Prutz in 1884 called it Aachen Owl or Turbit (Aachener [Lack] Moychen)
  • Durigen in 1886 called it Aachen Shield or Lackschild Owl or Turbit (Aachener Schildmovchen or Lackschildmovchen).
  • Fontaine in 1922 called it Aix-la-Chapelle Frill with lacquer shield
  • And as recently as 1958, Mannant called it Lacquer Shield

There is no record of when the name Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon became the “official” registered name of the breed, but it is the accepted name today.

Distribution of the Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon

As with numerous selectively bred types, the Aachen lacquer shield owl pigeon is mostly favoured in its place of origin.

It is a favourite fancy breed in Germany.

It is a less common breed outside of its native land.

In the United States of America, for example, the Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeon is considered a rare breed.

Appearance of the Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon

The average type is a small-sized bird that weighs between 250-450 grams (8-16oz).

Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon58-67cm28-33cm250-450gHighly varied, grizzle and tiger patterns.
Average Feral Pigeon64-72 cm32-37cm300-500gBluish gray with some black.

This pigeon is plain headed and clean legged with a relatively small chest frill the only adornment on a short stoutish body.

The Aachen lacquer shield pigeon always has a white body with its only colouration being the wings which can be red, yellow or black.

The wing feathers have a shiny metallic lustre – this is what provides the lacquer aspect of its name.

The eyes are dark surrounded by a light cere and the beak is short and is very similar in looks to that of an Old Dutch Turbit.

Due to the proximity of Aachen to Holland, it is likely these Dutch birds were used in the selective breeding that led to the Aachen lacquer shield pigeon.

Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon Character

These pigeons are noted as having very pleasant and calm temperaments. For this reason, they are recognized as being particularly ideal first pets for those who are interested in getting started in the world of pigeon fancying.

It is very easy to raise an Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeon, as the care and attention that they require isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

If you know the basics of pigeon care, then you can be confident that their good temperament will allow you to have a great experience together.

Diet of the Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon

You can feed this breed as you would any other domestic pigeon. Namely, any of the following:

Make sure they have plenty of fresh water to drink and a supply of grit for digestion.

Mating And Breeding Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeons

Being a domestic fancy pigeon, the mating and breeding of the Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeon is very much controlled and dictated by owners and breeders

Fanciers will select parents who exhibit the ideal standards for the breed including size, colouring, health and more, and their offspring will go on to boost the next generation of Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeons.

Taking Care Of Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon

Keeping this breed is simple and traditional.

Plenty of fresh food and water need to be available at all times, and even though the Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl pigeon isn’t a bird that is bred for racing, it doesn’t mean that the breed should be provided with ample space for moving around.

Keep them as a single breed if you want to specialise, otherwise, this breed will happily exist with other breeds in your loft.

Denise Bereford

Denise Bereford is a full-time writer and researcher with a long-standing passion for pigeons.

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