24 Pigeon Puns

Looking for some pigeon puns?

Look no further, below we have curated a list of 24 of the very best (and worst) pigeon related puns on the internet:

A rain-soaked pigeon asked to see my phone.

He was looking for the feather report.

A man with a thick Yorkshire accent said I should see his “Omen pigeon.”

I said, “Omen pigeon, don’t you mean homing pigeon.” 

He said, “No, me Omen pigeon, he sees the future.”

I overheard the pigeons in my garden.

They were talking about taking over control of the state government.

They were saying something about a “Coo.”

I found a pigeon in my local betting shop. 

They said he fancied a flutter.

As the greatest pigeon says: You can’t spell “Cool” without “Coo.”

A pigeon jumped into a hole on the golfing green and got into a terrible temper tantrum.

Apparently, he didn’t like being pigeon-holed.

They wouldn’t let my pigeon into the nightclub, even though his dress sense was impeccable.

What does a pigeon drink from?

A beaker.

Prior to getting married, the male pigeon pulled off his own wing and handed it to his fiancé with the Rhotacism (speech impediment).

Apparently, the female pigeon asked him to give her an “Engagement Wing” when he proposes. 

After the “Ring-Wing” fiasco, the pigeons broke up. The male bird was devastated.

He had committed years of his life to this women. I found him, years later after the break-up, and he was still “Pecking” up the pieces.

Ali G came out of retirement to give a speech to an auditorium of pigeons. 

Apparently, they liked the “A Coo Sticks.”

My wife hates my new pigeon coop.

She threw me out. 

I think she was Aviary Reacting.

Jessie: Would you passionately kiss a pigeon?

Sally: No, but I would let him peck me on the cheek.

Kid: Where’s mum?

Dad: Racing pigeons.

Kid: I didn’t know she could run that fast.

I am not saying my mum is a bad chef, but I fed her scones to a group of pigeons, and two of them died.

She literally killed two birds with one scone.

The British pigeon could recite full poems.

The Japanese pigeon could only recite High Coos.

Pigeons make terrible grief counsellors.

They cannot stand the emotional bird-en.

Baby doves are always taking time off work.

Apparently, they are often under the feather.

Man: How did you know your pigeon was cold?

Daughter: He Biiiiirrrrd.

Pigeon puns fly right over my head.

The Queen shouted at some pigeons and they died.

Talk about killing two birds with one’s tone.

I just wanted to share some exciting news! Today I was the unexpected high bidder in an auction for the world’s best-sounding pigeon.

It is quite a coup!

What do you call a pigeon with three legs?

A stool pigeon.

My dad taught his homing pigeons to dance to rap music.

Now they’re homie pigeons.

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